Apr 24, 2019

Curb appeal is a relatively overworked term and yet where any business is concerned, it is a “make or break” element. Have any area of a business’ exterior look rundown, shabby or unattractive and you are at risk for chasing away customers. This even includes the asphalt parking lot paving on which clients drive. In fact, if you are honest with yourself, an asphalt or concrete parking lot is the very first thing a client sees, and though you might do crack and pothole repair, it could be that your concrete or asphalt parking lot paving needs more than that.

How to Boost the Appearance of an Asphalt or Concrete Parking Lot

While we are going to indicate that crack and pothole repair are part of improving curb appeal, we need to consider the different ways to improve your business’ image in a more orderly way. So, first things first…be sure that your concrete or asphalt parking lot paving is clean.

– Cleaning

Your business is unlikely to be operating 24 hours a day. When it is empty or at its least busy, it is time to have the asphalt or concrete parking lot professionally cleaned. Regular cleaning does more than remove dust and debris, though. It is a process that picks up potential hazards, preserves the life of the surface by removing compounds that could breakdown the pavement, and it just looks better. In fact, consumers, in general, indicate that cleanliness is a major factor in choosing where they shop, and a frequently cleaned lot is a key step in presenting your business in its best light.

– Maintenance

Cleaning is part of maintenance, but you also have to look at such issues as crack and pothole repair, puddling, ruts and bad drainage. Any of these problems will not remain hidden for long, and consumers will often avoid lots where they know there are puddle problems or lots of potholes. And if the asphalt or concrete parking lot is in a region prone to heavy snowfall, be sure that you hire a professional to remove the snow. Not only does this make it safer, but it also allows drivers to see the lines in the lot and navigate easily.

– Coating

Also called seal coating, this is a great way to extend the life of your asphalt parking lot paving. When professionally applied, it helps to protect the pavement from chemicals that might cause it to degrade, and it fills cracks that would allow water to seep beneath the surface. It is often resistant to UV damage, chemicals and oils, and when paired with regular cleaning can extend the life of an asphalt or concrete parking lot while also ensuring it looks its best.

– Lines

Another reason, apart from standing water and pothole repair, that consumers might frown about your asphalt parking lot paving is that the lines are faded, difficult to find or non-existent. Believe it or not, most drivers like to have very clearly defined driving and parking areas. They also like the spaces to be clearly defined and roomy. Whether it is a concrete parking lot or an asphalt surface, it is best if you pay a professional to regularly paint the lines and help drivers navigate easily and safely.

– Skipping DIY

Lastly, although it is tempting to do crack and pothole repair yourself or hire a maintenance team to tackle the work, it is best if you don’t do things in this way. Whether it is an asphalt parking lot paving, concrete driveway, sidewalks or a combination of things, you want to hire experts. They have the materials, equipment and expertise to affect the best repairs. Not only will they look great and perform longest, but they reduce any risks that visitors will experience problems as horrible as tripping and falling due to lack of pothole repair to simply finding the area unattractive.

It may seem odd that asphalt parking lot paving or a concrete parking lot’s care and upkeep could be doing harm to your business, but it is a simple truth. People like to see that walks are clear and well maintained, grounds planted nicely or at least tidy and groomed, and that lots are pristine. While you may feel that some pothole repair and new lines are enough, that is not often the case. Consult with the experts at Burnaby Blacktop to get a free quote on the kinds of maintenance, repairs, or even repaving you need to boost your business’s curb appeal this year.

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