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Pot Hole Repair Services

When potholes or large cracks appear in your driveway or parking lot its time to act fast. The longer they are left unrepaired the worse the problem gets and eventually what could have been treated as an inexpensive and quick repair becomes a significant repaving and base layer preparation. To make sure you get the fast response you need Burnaby Blacktop has a special Emergency Repair Team with specialized equipment that allows us to quickly and effectively repair your paved surface before it gets out of hand or causes damage to your clients or guests. We are responsive to requests and offer priority 48-hour emergency service from the time of the first contact.

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Our team is equipped with the most up-to-date equipment that includes industry-leading new trucks and equipment to ensure the best service possible.  We use a custom-built asphalt hot box/truck that maintains optimal temperatures, delivering the best materials directly to your location for the most effective repairs. Using advanced packing equipment, we achieve maximum compaction, guaranteeing long-lasting results.

We offer immediate service for cracking and broken asphalt, which is at risk of being a tripping hazard, damaging vehicles or just an eyesore in your otherwise good-looking parking lot or driveway. From small plate-sized potholes to larger truck-sized craters, our specialized repair team handles them all—size doesn’t matter when it comes to our pothole repair and asphalt patching team. No matter the size, we’ve got the tools and expertise to fix any hole with precision and efficiency.


pot hole repair


You have no doubt seen pothole repairs performed where a couple of guys throw in some probably cold asphalt, pack it down by stomping on it and then drive off, job done. Mr. Pothole returns bigger and broader than ever a few days later.

Our specialized mobile ERT unit carries everything we need to get your job done without requiring multiple trucks and heavy equipment to show up. This helps us ensure less of a disturbance to your busy parking lot or entranceway.

Our team is made up of all expert asphalt technicians, who have the proper training, and three years minimum experience (some with up to 40 years of experience) ensuring all jobs are completed as efficiently as possible, and on time. We strive to provide the least amount of disruption to your high-traffic buy lots.

Our team does a professional job! We will saw cut nice edges if needed and always Apply SS1 asphalt adhesive to joining areas to ensure a proper bond of new asphalt. Our ERT team uses the best in compaction equipment to provide the optimum density of new pavement that is above industry standards and meets all specifications.

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Professional Expertise in High-Traffic Environments

We are very used to working in high-traffic areas and busy public locations and know how to set up and conduct the required repairs in a professional, safe fashion. Our technicians are very friendly and put safety first and are certified with all necessary first aid tickets to keep a safe working environment, for both our crews and the public.

As business owners and operators Burnaby Blacktop understands the importance and liability issues of commercial and industrial landowners and the importance of having parking lots free of liabilities for pedestrians, business vehicles and bicycle and foot traffic. We work closely with STRATA’s, property managers, business owners, and municipal and private landowners and can answer your questions and concerns quickly and with responses, you will understand.

Our passion is paving; our business is making our customers happy and keeping them safe!

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