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The best name in paving is now the best name in water hauling services. We have acquired the best team and top-of-the-line water truck equipment in the industry to serve your water needs. We provide our water truck service anywhere in the Greater Vancouver Area.

We are your go-to, most reliable water source for any size job. As with paving, no job is too big or too small. We deliver water for domestic and commercial uses. You can count on us to supply water to construction sites, to locations for filming, for road work, dust control, parking lots, special events, pool and hot tub filling, etc. For whatever you need, no matter how much you need, whenever and wherever you need it, give us a call to have your water delivered.

The Burnaby Blacktop team has the expertise and equipment to provide cost-effective water delivery in Vancouver. Give us a call at 7788550513.

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Why Choose Burnaby Blacktop For Water Hauling Services in Vancouver?


Burnaby Blacktop has earned a well-deserved reputation for being easy to work with, for our expertise, our high level of integrity, our professionalism, and for listening to you, to make sure we know the job at hand. Being budget-conscious, we operate on a cost-effective basis with timely execution of all the services we offer. We are therefore well suited to provide you with water delivery services. As always, regardless of the service you require from us, we strive to provide the highest value on reliability and responsiveness.

It starts with a team of professionals who listen and know what they’re doing. You can’t afford to have the job done over or have something undesirable and unexpected happen because of inexperience or carelessness. We are proud of our team’s performance. Our equipment is brand new, well maintained, and ready to go. No excuses!

Big or small we pave it all!

We Offer Water Hauling Services for:

In Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond or any other areas of Metro Vancouver, water truck services are needed for a variety of reasons. No matter which industry you represent, we take pride in our ability to provide you with dependable, expert, and safe water delivery. Burnaby Blacktop has a long-standing reputation for quality work and dependability.

Construction: Paving, Road Building and Site Compaction

As a paving company, we know the importance of water for paving and road building. Water acts as a lubricant causing the ground materials to pack together. The soil, air, and water occupy less volume, making for a more solid road. So if you are a paving company or have a paving project in mind, and might require water, for site compaction or even for heavy material sweeping, we are here to help!

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New Construction

A water truck rental is excellent for hauling water and controlling dust on construction, mining, pipeline, and oil & gas sites. power Sweeping and a thorough wash down can keep a new construction site clean and safe. We are affordable and efficient. We can easily remove dust and debris from your site. There is nothing like a good scrubbing to clean up a job site and put the final touch on new construction.

Dust Control

For dust control on your construction site, you might need water delivery services. Reducing the amount of dust on a worksite is important. Dust not only has a negative effect on working conditions, but it also blows into our communities, irritating eyes and negatively affecting the breathing of people and animals. We are closely monitored for our ability to follow environmental regulations.

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Film Industry Water Supply

Besides providing residential and commercial water truck services, we also work with the filming industry in Vancouver. We provide our services to fit Hollywood North’s filming schedule. In this business, we realize that timing is everything and any delays are simply unacceptable. Whether that is for:

  • Wet downs
  • Fire suppression
  • Use of trucks as picture vehicles

Residential Water Truck Services– Strata Buildings & Domestic Deliveries

We are available for any size job, just call us and find out. Whatever the need, sometimes you just need a truck full of water.

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Landscape Watering, Water Features and Ponds

A garden hose can take forever. A property can need a lot of water to keep it healthy, especially during a drought. If your residential or commercial property (strata, office building, etc) includes a water feature like a large pond, our service is just right.

Swimming Pools (in-ground and above ground), Swim Spa, and Hot Tubs

If you’ve installed a pool, either in-ground or above ground, it takes a long time to fill it. When the pool is ready, nobody wants to wait.

Wells, Holding Tanks and Cisterns

We provide reliable and convenient bulk water delivery. We customize our delivery based on your specific needs. We can fill your well, holding tank, or cistern.

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Contact us and find out more about our water truck services in Greater Vancouver. Keep Burnaby Blacktop on-call for hauling water to you, reliably and affordably. We deliver a truck full of water for every kind of water need. You can request a quote online or give us a call at 7788550513. No matter what the size of your job or your budget, we will work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.