Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. works hard to ensure that you will have high quality, long-lasting concrete around your home or business. Whether it is your sidewalk, driveway, garage or stairs you are assured that we will do the best we can to meet or exceed your expectations.
Our crew members are properly trained to prepare, set up, pour and finish concrete to the highest of industry standards. We ensure our team keeps up to date with the latest materials and techniques. We work hand in hand with our concrete producers and suppliers in order to give you the highest quality materials.
Our Company offers different types of finishes. Exposed aggregate, broom or polished finishes. We also offer a wide variety of stamped finish patterns in different colours to suit your own personal style.

What to Expect


  • It is common for surfaces made of concrete to crack. While this is not a desirable outcome, it is bound to happen. To minimize this, we install crack control joints in the areas where concrete is most likely to crack.
  • As your contractor, we will always do our best to control the cracking but there is No Guarantee that the concrete surface will not crack in other areas.
  • Cracks that are 3/16” in size or less are considered as normal and within the industry standards.


  • Another common concern is colour. It is not possible for us to match the colour of your existing concrete surfaces due to several factors. There are also instances where your driveway may not match exactly if it requires the need to pour more than one truckload of concrete in it.
  • In addition, concrete placements that are done on different days or if you have colour added to it may also result in variance in the shades. To make it less noticeable, we suggest a slightly different shade for the borders or margins to separate the sections. Most of these colours are minor and will probably fade over time.


  • Another misconception is that your sidewalk, driveway, garage or stairs will last and hold indefinitely. This is not true. Exterior concrete is subject to sunlight exposure, inclement weather and heavy vehicle traffic.
  • While concrete is a very strong and durable product, it is not always without flaws. There are instances when the surface appears to be popping or flaking off. It this appears, it is quite possible that a stone or stones close to the surface popped out during the drying process. This is nothing to worry about since this does not mean that the integrity of the slab is compromised.


  • You may notice a difference between your concrete driveway and walkway from that of your neighbours although the same finishing has been done. This is common and should not cause concern on your part. Concrete is a wearing surface and it may change texture over time.

Cracked Concrete

  • The industry standard for repair is greater than a 4/16” displacement (either gap or height). These cracks can be filled with industry-standard materials.

How To Take Care Of Your Concrete Surface

  • Seal coat your concrete surface using a good quality sealer. This is a service that we also offer to ensure that your concrete surface stays durable for many years to come.
  • Please allow 7 – 14 days drying time before you drive on your new concrete driveway.
  • Do not allow water to drain under the slab as this may result in settlement cracks.
  • Refrain from using de-icing chemicals such as salt for snow and ice removal on the first winter after installation. You may use sand for traction to avoid damages.
  • Never use de-icers that contain ammonium nitrate or ammonium sulphate such as fertilizers to your concrete surface. These products are known to aggressively attack and damage concrete.
  • If you plan to seal your driveway yourself, make sure that you follow the instructions listed for sealer application.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to remove stains. You may use a product that is specially designed to remove the stain or for use on concrete surfaces.

Services Information and Payments

  • Any changes made after the commencement of the project will result in extra charges.
  • All maintenance of concrete after the pour is completed remains the sole of the owner/general contractor.
  • Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. Accepts no responsibility after placing and finishing is completed i.e. shrinkage, defects in concrete mix or colour, etc.
  • Original job must be paid in full before any repairs are done (if required).
  • Customer assumes all responsibilities for permits and licenses.
  • The customer is responsible for any landscaping damage/s due to forming of concrete placing.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to obtain permission from adjoining neighbours to run forms, etc into their property.
  • Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. Is not responsible for any changes to the price of concrete.
  • Deficiencies and errors must be reported in writing to Burnaby Blacktop Ltd.’s office within three (3) business days of pour in order to be considered for acceptance by Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. If the customer does not provide a written notice, this confirms that they are accepting the work completed and shall constitute de facto acceptance of work and will void any liability and responsibility to Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. for remedial work and the related cost incurred by any other party to increase the quality of the concrete what so ever to a level for acceptance by the customer and others.

Stamped Concrete

  • Payment in full must be made immediately after stamping completion.
  • Stamped jobs include powder and sealer.


  • Payments must be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer.
  • Cheques are made payable to “Burnaby Blacktop Ltd.”
  • Full payment is due immediately after placing and finishing (stamping if applicable, is completed).