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Concrete Contractors in Vancouver

At Burnaby Blacktop, not only do we know asphalt but we have a specialized Concrete Division. Our concrete contractors specialize in all areas of concrete flatwork, sidewalks, curbs. where we offer a variety of concrete finishes for our products. We offer broom finish, sandblast, stamped finish and a vast variety of colours for any of your concrete projects. We work on projects of all sizes from residential concrete work for your personal property all the way to larger municipal concrete projects. Furthermore, we also have a specialized crew for Architectural Concrete. We offer a variety of concrete stairs, walls, seat benches, curved walls, curved stairs, structural walls,  structural footings and much more.

With our team of specialized Red Seal Certified Carpenters and Cement Masons, and with up to 40 years of experience,  we can offer you the concrete project of your dreams. Please feel free to contact us with any questions. We look forward to completing any of your concrete needs!

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Our Concrete Contractors Love the Versatility of Architectural Concrete

As mentioned, Burnaby Blacktop isn’t just about asphalt, we love working with architectural concrete and offer it as part of our services. It’s a big part of what we are.

Architectural concrete is versatile, and it is used for some very creative and demanding structures like bridges, museums, stadiums, arenas, and concert venues. It is the building material of choice for aesthetic, economic, and engineering reasons, it is often used as an integral part of a reinforced concrete frame. Architectural concrete is versatile and vital to the exterior and interior ornamentation, or to finish a building or structure.

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The Use of Architectural Concrete

The versatility of process and range of applications for architectural concrete are unmatched, and that is why our concrete contractors in Vancouver love it. We can use this material for a wide variety of structures and industries. Architectural concrete can be used for almost all construction tasks. With the help of appropriate formwork systems and form lining, there is no shape and quality that can’t be economically realized. Formlining has a direct influence on the surface of the concrete. There are four factors:

  1. Absorbency of the form lining
  2. Surface Texture
  3. Formlining Joints
  4. Fixing of the form lining


Architectural Concrete for Industrial, Commercial or Municipal Projects

It is critical that we know the form lining, material properties, coatings, processing, release agent, and fresh concrete. Burnaby Blacktop offers paving services to a variety of industries, from residential, municipal paving, and civil concrete work, to commercial. Every job is unique and needs to be evaluated carefully. Burnaby Blacktop has the experience to know what the risks and potential pitfalls could be in all concrete paving projects. We understand how to avoid surrounding damage to utility lines, irrigation or sewage systems, or other surrounding structures. The nature of the work includes anything from retaining walls, foundations, decks, patios, and stairs, to curbs, and driveways.

stairs made from achitectural concrete

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The Use of Architectural Concrete in finished walls

High-Quality Concrete Paving at Your Call

Choosing your architectural concrete company in Vancouver is the most important part of your project. The quality must last for many years, so it is important that it be done by a trusted expert. The life of your concrete requires expertise in concrete maintenance and repair and demands proper evaluation of the requirements of the job. We have earned a great reputation by focusing on the highest quality of materials and expertise. We know the kind of concrete that works best for the Greater Vancouver area. When it comes to paving, or any concrete or asphalt job, materials and workmanship are critical. We have years of experience as the premier paving contractor in Vancouver.

Burnaby Blacktop will provide concrete work that gets back your original look. Results should make any damaged surface look as though it had never been damaged.

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