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When it comes to paving contractors in Surrey, you won’t find a more experienced, passionate, or affordable staff than that at Burnaby Blacktop. From large-scale projects like paving a parking lot, building a roadway, or talking on a custom project to smaller endeavours like repairing potholes, filling cracks, or tweaking an existing asphalt surface, our team always has your best interests in mind.

Our goals are simple. We seek to provide the highest quality and most affordable paving jobs on the market to be completed by the most passionate, friendly, experienced, and driven contractors around. As such, we have put together a stout team of professionals ready for any concrete paving or asphalt paving project in Surrey. No job is too big or too small.

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Full Range of Paving Services in Surrey

Our experts approach every project as the unique challenge that it is but guarantee to always deliver the high-quality product that has come to be associated with Burnaby Blacktop. Further, given our decades of experience, our paving contractors in Surrey will work in the most efficient way possible so as to not interrupt your normal routine and to keep costs down. No matter what type of Surrey asphalt paving project or asphalt milling/grinding project is on your mind, you can count on our contractors to deliver a product that is sure to impress.

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Asphalt Paving Services

Are you in need of asphalt paving services in Surrey or the surrounding areas? Our team can provide stellar service on everything, from repairs to new projects. Whether you’re looking for maintenance for existing pavement, resurfacing pavement or an entirely new parking lot requiring exact specifications, the professionals at Burnaby Blacktop have the personnel, knowledge and equipment to make sure it’s done quickly, affordably and with the highest level of expertise. Expert advice is only a phone call away. Ask for a free estimate for your asphalt needs.

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Concrete Paving

Not only we are experts at asphalt, but we have a concrete division! Our concrete contractors in Surrey are some of the best in the business and are ready and eager to tackle any tasks you have in mind. Our team can provide cost-effective, reliable solutions to all your concrete needs. From industrial floors to driveways and patios or any other requirement you may have, trust Burnaby Blacktop to stay ahead of the competition and help you get the job done faster and better than anyone else. With our capacity and experience, there’s nothing too big or too small for our qualified staff to take on! What’s more, we always keep up with the latest criteria imposed by the local authorities.

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Line Painting Services

We offer a full range of paving services. When you hire us to pave a new parking lot, we also take care of the line painting. Making sure your parking lot is well organized and aesthetically pleasant is essential. To make the most of the limited area available, line painting services are necessary. With line painting, it’s possible to create standout lane dividing lines or designate spots expressly to provide direction and easy access for drivers. Also to indicate, pedestrians were to walk.

Seal coating service for a cloverdale paint location in Vancouver

Sealcoating Services

Pavement surfaces are subject to a variety of environmental insults over time–sun, wind, and rain can take their toll. Seal coating in Surrey is an effective way to mediate the signs of age that may have started to affect the quality of a parking lot or driveway surface.
Like using sunscreen on the skin helps reduce UV damage and aid in moisture retention, the protective seal provided by seal coating guards against damaging water saturation and sun oxidation alike. Seldom requiring significant disruption of use or needing upper layer replacement, it is often possible with seal coating to preserve and maintain sound surfaces substantially restoring their general visual appeal. Ultimately, this combine approach prevents more invasive restorative action.

laneway house, excavated patio to install a drainage system

Drainage Installation Services

No matter if it’s a project to improve the drainage of an existing installation or a significant overhaul of a damaged parking lot or driveway in Surrey, we will take the time to explain to you exactly what needs to be done. We offer services for both residential and commercial projects!

big hot in a street in surrey, vehicle besides it

Pot Hole Repair Services

Asphalt pavement can have severe problems with potholes, especially in locations with high traffic or bad weather. Numerous things, such as water penetration, freeze-thaw cycles, and excessive weight, might contribute to them. Accidents, damage to automobiles, and more pavement deterioration can all result from potholes. To maintain the integrity and safety of your asphalt surface, pothole repairs in Surrey are essential. Call our emergency repair team to give you a quote and get your parking lot or driveway back in shape!

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Excavation & Grading Services

Do you have a commercial or residential area that’s beyond repair or isn’t suitable anymore in Surrey? If so, it’s time to get in touch with us! We have the knowledge and first-hand experience to help you with any asphalt or concrete excavation project. Whether it’s for repair or a redesign of an existing area, we can bring solutions tailored to your needs. Solving these unique and tricky problems is our specialty! Give us a call today, and together we can bring meaningful results quickly and efficiently.

overhead view of a parking lot covered in snow

Snow Removal & Salting Services

At Burnaby Blacktop, we understand the challenge that winter brings with wintry weather and accumulations of snow. With that in mind, our thoughtful and talented teams are dedicated to helping you fight back against the wind and snow so your business doesn’t suffer. We provide snow removal services in Surrey and surrounding areas in Lower Mainland. When necessary, they can dispatch snow plow trucks, salt trucks, Bobcats, or heavy equipment to minimize the disruption of accumulating snowfall. What’s more; these crews strive to be proactive instead of reactive to prevent a snowballing problem with an overflowing parking lot or entrance! With ABC Company on your side this winter season; you never have to worry about where or what is waiting for you outside!

water truck with burnaby blacktop logo

Water Hauling Services

Yes! We also own our own water-hauling trucks! We provide water hauling services in Surrey and the Lower Mainland. Whether you need it to fill your newly install pool, for dust control in a new construction site, or wetlands and even for the film industry, give us a call!

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Whether you are a home or business owner, first impressions go a long way to sending the right message to visitors, guests, clients, or customers. Long before you can personally say hello the outside of your building does this for you, and the importance of a good first impression cannot be understated. Thankfully, the experts at Burnaby Blacktop are here to do their part in improving your building’s first impression as it pertains to concrete and asphalt paving in Surrey. From commercial to strata to residential properties the Burnaby Blacktop paving contractors in Surrey have you covered.

If you have an asphalt or concrete paving project on the horizon, look no further than Burnaby Blacktop. Give our Surrey office a call today to discuss your project, request a quote, or schedule a time to hit the ground running!

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