Oct 13, 2019

It’s no secret that Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With incredible access to both the ocean and mountains, there are few cities on the planet more spectacular than our British Columbia gem. Of course there are challenges that accompany living in such a beautiful and dynamic environment, and the experts at Burnaby Blacktop are no stranger to what living in this part of the world means for driveways, potholes, and asphalt repair. Each year we find ourselves busy repairing asphalt, working on driveways and walkways, and patching potholes, all of which can be attributed to the dramatic shifts in weather from our incredible winters to our sometimes demanding summers. If you have been driving around wondering where all of these potholes came from, you are not alone. Thankfully there are experts like those at Burnaby Blacktop here to fix those any of your other asphalt repair needs.

Where do potholes come from?

In short, potholes form through changes in groundwater underneath the asphalt surface. Water seeps through the Earth’s surface and, given the cold winters in the Pacific Northwest, freezes. As it freezes into ice it expands and takes up more space underneath the asphalt or pavement. The expanding ice forces the pavement to do the same, and as the pavement expands its weaknesses are shown through bending, cracking, and breaking. As temperatures warm up or springtime arrives, the ice melts and leaves holes under the pavement where, again, water will seep into and get trapped. As this cycle continues, the pavement above becomes weaker and weaker. Combine that with the weight of traffic moving over the top, and the asphalt or pavement road will eventually break down – leaving cracks and potholes behind. That’s where Burnaby Blacktop steps in!

How do you fix a pothole?

Potholes vary in size and shape, and each one will require a slightly different process to fix it completely. In general, though, most potholes can be fixed by applying an asphalt patch. First, our team will clean the area of any lose debris and dirt from the hole. Next, we will shovel or pour the patching material directly into the pothole and compact it. By pouring a little bit into the hole, compacting it, and repeating this process, we ensure the most permanent repair possible. Once the hole is completely filled and flush with the surrounding pavement, our driveway and pothole repair team will add a surface crown so that the filler will be continuously compacted as it settles when the road is reopened. Some people opt to tackle these fixes on their own, when it comes to their business’ parking lot or pavement around their residential home. However, given the expert level work, affordable pricing, and timeliness of the repair, why not call on someone all of Vancouver trusts – Burnaby Blacktop!

The benefits of living in the Vancouver area far outweigh the drawbacks, but that’s not to say there aren’t challenges living in this corner of the Pacific Northwest. Still, potholes are a small price to pay compared to the quality of life and beauty Vancouverites get to experience on a regular basis. Certainly the staff at Burnaby Blacktop is grateful to call this home, and we look forward to the next time that we’re given the opportunity to help improve life around your home – fixing potholes or otherwise – as well!

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