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Precision Paving Solutions in the Greater Vancouver Area: Aprons, Speed Bumps & Curbs

Picture this: you pull into your driveway, only to be greeted by a gaping hole in your asphalt apron, or perhaps a rogue speed bump has mysteriously materialized, sending shockwaves through your unsuspecting vehicle. When unforeseen damage disrupts your pavement, swift action is crucial.

Burnaby Blacktop understands the urgency of such situations and offers reliable solutions for various paving needs within the Greater Vancouver Area. Our experienced crews are available 24/7 to address issues like damaged paving aprons, speed bumps, and curbs, ensuring your property’s safety and functionality are seamlessly restored.

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Paving Apron Installation & Repairs:

Paving aprons, also known as asphalt aprons, are transitions between driveways and adjacent roadways or sidewalks. They serve as a protective layer, seamlessly connecting your property to the surrounding infrastructure. Think of it as the bridge between your property and the road. It ensures proper water drainage, prevents pooling and damage, and even adds a touch of curb appeal. But when cracks, potholes, or erosion strike, it’s time to call in the reinforcements. Our expert crews assess the damage recommend the most suitable material (asphalt or concrete), and take care of paving a brand-new apron that matches your existing surface, leaving your worries washed away. Our Emergency Repair Division excels in paving apron installations and repairs in the Greater Vancouver Area. We ensure your driveway’s longevity, structural integrity, and a visually appealing entrance.

Speed Bumps, Installation & Repairs

Speed bumps are the silent guardians of our streets, keeping traffic calm and pedestrians safe, especially in sensitive areas like school zones, parking lots, or community streets. But sometimes, these guardians themselves need a little care. Whether it’s a chipped asphalt bump, a displaced concrete one, or the need for a brand-new rubber option for a playground, Burnaby Blacktop offers a variety of solutions. We adhere to all regulatory standards for size, placement, and visibility, ensuring both safety and traffic flow are restored in a flash.


asphalt speed bumps by Burnaby Blacktop

Big or small we pave it all!

Curb Installations (Rubber & Concrete)

Curbs help prevent vehicle encroachment onto sidewalks, protect landscaping, and contribute to the orderly flow of traffic. Burnaby Blacktop offers both rubber and concrete curb installations and repairs. The choice between concrete and rubber curbs depends on factors like durability, aesthetics, and impact resistance.

Concrete Curbs:

What it is: Traditional, sturdy curbs made of concrete. Concrete curbs stand as sturdy and durable barriers, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. Their robust construction provides excellent longevity, making them ideal for areas with heavy traffic or frequent vehicular contact,  suitable for high-traffic areas like parking lots, roadways, and sidewalks.
Why you need it: These curbs effectively define spaces, guide traffic, and contribute to the structural integrity of roadways and sidewalks. Perfect to withstand heavy vehicle loads.

Burnaby Blacktop’s Emergency Repair Division excels in the installation of concrete curbs, ensuring precision engineering and lasting resilience for your Greater Vancouver property.

concrete curbs in a commercial parking lot by Burnaby Blacktop

Rubber Curbs:

What it is: Rubber curbs, also known as recycled rubber curbs, are a versatile and eco-friendly alternative to traditional concrete options. Composed of recycled tire rubber, these curbs offer flexibility and impact resistance, making them an excellent choice for areas with lower-speed traffic or where occasional contact with vehicles may occur.
Why you need it: The elasticity of rubber curbs allows for a forgiving response to impact, reducing the risk of damage to both vehicles and curbs. This type of curb is particularly suitable for areas where a softer, more forgiving barrier is desired, such as in parking lots, playgrounds, or residential areas.

Whether you opt for the sturdiness of concrete or the flexibility of rubber, we provide tailored solutions to meet your property’s unique requirements.

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Why Choose Burnaby Blacktop?

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  • Speeding to the Rescue: We’re available 24/7 because pavement emergencies don’t wait for business hours. Our team is dedicated to responding promptly to your paving apron, speed bump, or curb installation needs.
  • Swift & Skilled Crews: With years of industry expertise, we deliver unparalleled skill and quality in every project, ensuring durable and lasting installations while minimizing downtime for your property.
  • Quality You Can Trust: We use only the highest quality materials and proven techniques, ensuring long-lasting repairs that won’t let you down.
  • Comprehensive Services: From emergency repairs to planned installations, our Emergency Repair Division provides a full spectrum of services to address immediate concerns and long-term objectives.
  • Budget-Friendly: We offer transparent pricing and work within your budget to find the perfect solution.

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So, the next time an unexpected pavement issue throws you a curveball, don’t despair! Call Burnaby Blacktop’s Emergency Repair Division. We’re the paving superheroes of Greater Vancouver, ready to restore safety, functionality, and peace of mind to your property, 24/7.

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