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Quality work is what we’re all about. We take pride in our service, and in bringing that high-quality to every job. When you choose Burnaby Blacktop, you can feel assured that you’ve chosen a team that will take pride in the work we do for you. This is why we are proud to now be a bonded contractor. Burnaby Blacktop offers surety bonds under the terms set forth and administered by the Surety Association of Canada. We encourage you to read more about our surety bonds and the rigorous requirements we met to qualify for them, on our website in the “About Section.”

They are a great reflection on our team of quality people and our work. And please know that you can contact us at any time with any questions you have. When you combine the expertise that comes from experience, and our sense of pride, it’s a winning combination.

Complete Asphalt Paving Service in Vancouver

As asphalt contractors, our offerings include Commercial Paving, Residential Paving, Municipal Paving, Strata Paving, and Pothole Repair. These services require expertise in Asphalt Paving, Asphalt Milling/Grinding, Excavation and Grading, Parkade Membrane, Drainage Installation, Crack Sealing, Seal Coating, Line Painting, and Driveway Pavers.

The look and functionality of your commercial property make an impression. We know how a beautifully installed blacktop pavement sends a message of quality and confidence to your customers. It shows that you care about quality and you care about your customer’s safety.

A great way to make an inviting first impression of your home and the value you place on your property is your driveway and how well you maintain it. That’s curb appeal. A driveway is a reflection of the condition of the rest of the house. To our team of experts, every driveway is unique, and a custom project. Each property is a different shape and sits on a different ground, requiring unique preparation.

Whether the job is commercial or residential, our level of professionalism ensures a high level of quality.

Complete Concrete Paving Service in Vancouver

We are also concrete contractors. Whether your project is commercial, residential, or municipal, your needs are unique, and we treat each job as a custom job. From the most appropriate materials to special considerations, our estimate will reflect a thorough understanding of the scope and parameters of your project. Commercial projects require us to understand everything required and communicate any options to you. From traditional curbing and mounting parking area fixtures to entrance ways, our skill and equipment can handle everything from the concrete to the “mission-critical” specialty projects.

We have a wide range of expertise for residential projects including patios and decks, sidewalks, steps and risers, retaining walls, and curbing and driveways. Enhance your property with an important addition that is lasting and functional.

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For commercial or residential Paving Services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Coquitlam, or other parts of Lower Mainland British Columbia, give us a call. Our reputation for quality precedes us. Give us a call at (778)-855-0513, fill out our online form, or send us an email, or use other options for contacting us. We’ll respond quickly to meet your needs.