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We offer all of our services in Belcarra.  We have Belcara covered for good reasons. It is quite a special place. Belcara is a small residential community nestled in the north end of the Burrard Inlet at the mouth of the Indian Arm. Incorporated in 1979, it holds only 800 residents, but we are proud to say that we help make it accessible.

Belcara is part of Metro Vancouver, and as such, is in Burnaby Blacktop country. It isolates itself on a narrow peninsula accessible only by a single winding paved road, or by water. We cover the winding paved road part.

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We Have Belcara Covered!

When you combine forested mountains, and the deep fjord of the Burrard Inlet, which includes Bedwell Bay, Belcarra Bay, Cosy Cove, Whiskey Cove, Farrer Cove, and Twin Island, Belcara is a slice of heaven.

Belcara Regional Park winds its way through the village with campgrounds, spots to picnic, and public beaches. It is a community of friendly people and we certainly love being a part of what makes it navigable and safe.

Our Paving Services in Belcarra Include:

asphalt paving in belcarra

Asphalt Paving Contractors in Belcara

When you have one windy road that serves as an artery of access, it is kept in good condition. This requires services such as pothole repair, driveway repair, line painting, seal coating, drainage installation, parkade membrane, grading, and excavation. Burnaby offers asphalt paving services for residential, commercial, and municipal properties.

Belcara is one unique place, and we know that its citizens have unique needs. By listening to you, Burnaby Blacktop can meet those needs. Belcara knows the value of their asphalt as well as anyone. Belcara residents care about their community and the safety of their visitors. Well-maintained asphalt welcomes others into your community.

Big or small we pave it all!

concrete driveway in Belcarra

Concrete Paving in Belcara

Sometimes, meeting the unique requirements of your job requires concrete. these decisions are made when we assess your job and submit an estimate. Our concrete contractors can handle some very special situations with all the right materials and processes for jobs where the strength of the installation is key. From curbs and driveways, retaining walls, risers, steps, entranceways, decks, and patios, to equipment pads, freight, or warehouse floors, loading bays, and RV parking.

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parking lot line painting

Line Painting in Belcara

Belcara gets visitors, so it is important that they, along with the residents, have guidance and clearly marked directions that are easy to follow. Line painting on parking lots, pathways, roadways and recreational areas is simply a good investment. We help keep it safe and effectively delineate for easy navigation. We know how to lay down the rules.

Drainage Installation in Belcarra

Drainage Installation in Belcara

There is little doubt that the residents of Belcara are no strangers to water. This can be the single most damaging element to asphalt and concrete. Water seeps in then freezes and expands, this is a way that nature reclaims things. Installing drainage at the time of construction is critical and key to the longevity of a paved area. Get us involved early so our experts can assess whether your plan will be dealing with standing water that can cause long-term problems. We’ll also improve the drainage of an existing paved area, completely repair a paved area, or replace it entirely.

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If you don’t live in Belcarra, don’t worry, Burnaby Blacktop serves the entire Greater Vancouver area. Find out if we service your location, and feel free to give us a call if you are not sure if we service your area. Our concrete contractors and asphalt experts cover Coquitlam, Port Moody, Whonnock, Maple Ridge and more! We provide all asphalt and concrete paving services across BC.


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