Nov 30, 2021

The Importance of Parking Lot Line Painting

Parking lot lines and markings are used to safely walk, navigate your car, and identify parking places. For your customers to avoid confusion when arriving at your business, clear identifying markings are essential.

Until they are missing, we don’t think much about them. Most of the time, we take them for granted. But as with any navigational marking, stop signs or yield signs, parking lot markings are important.

Benefits of Parking Lot Lines:

  • Making the most of your parking: Parking lot lines indicate how far you should park from the car next to yours. Not only can you specify where you’d like everyone to park, but you can also inform everyone if the area is reserved for people with disabilities. A well-designed parking lot marking improves organization, traffic flow, and reduces accidents.
  • Fire compliance: Property owners must abide by the codes and clearly mark emergency zones. A lack of clear and visible markings can lead to several problems, such as blocked entry and exit ways, illegal parking in fire zones, and accidents. You must ensure that your markings are clear and compliant, not only for the safety of clients/tenants but also to ensure compliance with local laws.
  • Less Liability: Clear and accurate parking lot markings serve a variety of purposes, including, avoiding accidents. It’s a simple psychological trick, but fresh and easy-to-see lines in your parking lot help enforce order and discourage unsafe driving behaviour. If everything is clearly marked, the owner has fulfilled their responsibility.
  • Easy navigation: Parking lot lines enhance the navigational experience for drivers. Speed limits, stop signs, no parking areas, loading zones, directional arrows, crosswalks, parking spaces, among other markings are essential.
  • Customer appreciation: While your customers might not comment on your newly painted parking lot lines, they will definitely complain when the lines are not there. Parking lot markings ensure that their parking lot experience is safe and non-ambiguous.
  • Increase Curb Appeal: Line-marking is the simplest and most economical way to improve the look of your business, greatly improving its curb appeal. Customers/tenants might be even deterred from entering your business/strata if your parking lot is not in a good condition.


Burnaby Blacktop Knows How to Lay Down the Rules

When properly laid out, parking lot lines help every driver to understand the rules to operate safely and to feel safe. Great linework makes for a great parking lot.

As one of Vancouver’s line painting and line marking service providers, Burnaby Blacktop is a surefire way to keep your parking lot fresh and functional. Not only that but we also provide line painting services for industrial, municipal and residential purposes when needed. From warehouse floors, parking lots, roads to tennis courts and outdoor basketball courts. No matter the size of your project, we would be pleased to provide you with a competitive quote. Give us a call at 778-855-0513 or get a quote online!

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