Jun 19, 2019

It’s impossible to oversell the importance of the first impression with your business or commercial space. Simply put the outside of your building can and will leave a lasting impact on those that see it. Architecture, landscaping, and overall tidiness go a long way in terms of first impressions, and but parking lots are often overlooked. Depending on the type of business and location, the parking lot can create a hectic or stressful situation for clients, but some regular upkeep on your end can drastically change that. Regular cleaning goes a long way but, occasionally, resurfacing or repainting your parking lot becomes essential. Below are a few things to consider when painting parking lot areas from the folks who know it best at Burnaby Blacktop.

Types of Paint

There are seemingly countless different types of paint on the market, each with its own specific use. When selecting paint for line painting or resurfacing your parking lot, it is essential that you choose wisely. Ultimately, traffic paint is the way to go with some variation on the structure of the surface you are covering. Both asphalt and concrete paints, however, are designed to stick to pavement and will last much longer than any other alternative. The world of asphalt and concrete paint can be further broken down into water or solvent-based. In general, water-based paint is more eco-friendly, whereas solvent-based paint generally contains volatile organic compounds. While water-based paints are better for the environment, they are less durable than their solvent-based cousins which are popular options for high traffic areas.

Asphalt or concrete paint is the best option for your parking lot surface, but you will need additional types of paint for line painting, curbs, posts, or other items. Chlorinated rubber paint or thermoplastic are popular options for some of these parking lot features. They are strong and chip resistant.

Line painting is a critical part of making your parking lot look new. Choosing specialty line paint is your first step. From there consider how you want to apply it. For larger jobs, Burnaby Blacktop recommends a line striper that is compatible with the pails or cans of paint you choose. Beyond straight lines, but using the same style of paint, you need to consider specialty items such as handcap stalls, no parking zones, fire lanes, or arrows and the best way to stencil these onto your parking lot. When painting your lines, consider adding a bit of grit to the mix to lessen how slippery these lines can become and special glass beads to make your markings more reflective and visible.

With both parking lot paint and line painting, be sure to check your local laws and regulations to see what substances are allowed or banned from use for projects like this.

Basic Steps

Every parking lot paint project is made up of the same basic steps, and each is very important to consider. Before putting brush to asphalt, it is essential that you properly clean the surface. Blowing large debris off the lot is a good start, and power washing will really help clean it to its core. After the parking lot surface is clean, every crack becomes that much more visible. Fill any cracks that need it, and then proceed to address any sealcoating issues. Once the surface is clean and all the cracks are filled, double-check to make sure you have all of the proper equipment to complete your line painting and parking lot resurfacing job as quickly as possible. An inoperable parking lot can really slow down your business, so you need to make sure you do it right the first time. Move efficiently and effectively to finish the project with the least wasted time possible.

First impressions carry a lot of weight and, though it may seem strange, your parking lot can say a lot about how your business or commercial space operates. By giving your parking lot the same amount of love that you do your business properly, we guarantee that much happier customers and employees will return time and time again. For even more points from the folks that know parking lot painting best, contact Burnaby Blacktop today. We’re more than happy to help in any way we can!

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