Concrete or Asphalt Excavation & Grading

Burnaby Blacktop love paving projects and create asphalt and concrete surfaces that are functional, attractive and long-lasting. We do; however, realize that sometimes you need some help with the “out with the old” before you can proceed to “in with the new”. Sometimes that ugly old cracked driveway or pot-hole filled parking lot just needs to be removed.

When you have an existing commercial or residential area that really is beyond repair or no longer fit for purpose then it’s time to give us a call so we can help with your asphalt or concrete excavation.

Call us for the partial or complete removal of your commercial parking lot, residential driveway or municipal bike path. No job is too small or too big and because we own our equipment and are 100% employee staffed we can give you an accurate estimate and schedule the timing exactly when you need it for.

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Our expertise in how to plan and execute the perfect paving job comes in handy when your old project needs removal. Given an accurate understanding of your goals for the project, we can excavate your location quickly and properly deal with the safe remove or re-purposing of the excavated material. When needed we can also grade and smooth the area in a manner suitable for its ongoing usage.

Possibly that next step is repaving the area, or maybe it’s about turning it back into green space, either way, our experts stand ready to help with sound advice that will minimize the costs and complexities of the project.


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Choose the best Asphalt & Concrete Paving Company.


As one of Vancouver’s most expert and experienced excavation contractors Burnaby Blacktop can provide the full range of services from the planning stage, excavation, removal, and grading. We will help make sure the drainage is adequate and meets modern codes for use. We can install sealers, aggregate, and other materials – from topsoil to conduits. We make sure that your excavation project is completed properly, be it as a stand-alone excavation, or as the first step of a new parking lot, driveway or other paved areas.

So if you have an excavation that needs doing quickly and professionally call Burnaby Blacktop. Our fully licensed and insured experts will make your job happens efficiently and delivers results that are sure to please.

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