Asphalt Pavement Repair through Asphalt milling/grinding

Cost-effective repair service

For over 30 years, Asphalt Milling has been the top choice of business owners, maintenance, and property managers around the world when it comes to asphalt surface repairs in Vancouver, BC. Because this method offers the quickest, efficient, and cost-effective way to maintain a safe and attractive asphalt pavement.

This technique is perfect for areas that have a widespread damage such as uneven slopes, cracking, and raveling since the sub-base is still intact.

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Why Opt for Asphalt Milling?

With Asphalt Milling there is no need to demolish and repave the whole parking lot, driveway, and other problematic surfaces. All that needs to be done is to remove the top layer of the affected area, keeping the sub-base intact. Depending on the damage, it may be ground from a couple of inches to a full removal to ensure an even and smooth surface that will be paved afterward.

Asphalt milling is an optimal method for overlay projects, preventing issues like drainage problems and curb disruption. By removing the upper layer of the existing surface, milling ensures that new asphalt can be applied without increasing pavement height, maintaining its effectiveness.

The Cost-Effective Solution for Asphalt Maintenance

If you are looking for a speedy solution minus the high cost to your asphalt pavement repair needs, asphalt milling may be the answer. Contact us today and our estimator will help you determine if Asphalt Milling is your best option. When it comes to road paving, Burnaby blacktop is efficient!

Check out one of our videos where our team is completing an asphalt milling and pavement repair project in Richmond BC.

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We are proud to not only offer rental dump trucks, but graders as well. Our durable and reliable machines boast​ dynamic grade control technology, allowing them to perform the requested tasks quickly and with precision. If you need reliability and efficiency on the job site, our carefully inspected graders are always available for rent. Our equipment has been praised by customers for providing dependable and faultless performance that allows any job to be completed quickly and accurately. Send us an email or give us a call to request about our equipment and rental rates!

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