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  • Project Name: Concrete & Asphalt Restoration in North Vancouver
  • Project Market: Municipal North Vancouver Paving Projects
  • Project Services: Asphalt Milling

Concrete and Asphalt restoration all completed in Lonsdale Quay, North Vancouver. Our paving contractors graded and milled the existent asphalt. The end result was newly paved-looking roads. In addition to asphalt milling, Burnaby Blacktop also installed all the curb gutter/sidewalks.

Businesses, maintenance companies, and property managers around the world have chosen asphalt milling to repair asphalt surfaces. This was just another great job for the talented crews of Burnaby Blacktop Ltd.  As a paving company, we specialize in asphalt and concrete paving.

We cater to commercial, residentialmunicipalstrata, and industrial developments. We are located in BC and have been serving the lower mainland since 2009.