Quality Assurance

Policy Statement:

Our objective is to safely deliver 100 percent complete construction projects that meet all contract and customer expectations the first time, every time. What this commitment to quality means for us is:

  • Every company employee is responsible for implementing and complying with the Burnaby Blacktop quality system.
  • Regular employee training will prioritize excellence, to mitigate quality risks and enhance quality performance.
  • All clients present, future and potential deserve the best we can give in communication, planning, and production innovation.
  • Quality is the backbone of our business because quality creates reputation.
  • Safety and quality are mutually supportive.
  • Our quality standards will meet or exceed all applicable regulatory minimums.
  • We stand behind our work. We inspect every work task to assure conformance to the project requirements. If any problems are found, we correct them.
  • We are always improving our processes.
  • We conduct our work with respect to the environment within which we operate.
For more information, please refer to the Burnaby Blacktop Ltd QA/QC Plan February 01, 2022

Quality Control

Inspections & Reports

Burnaby Blacktop identifies a list of work tasks which will be quality controlled. Each work task is subject to a series of inspections; before, during, and after completion.

Each inspection verifies compliance with full scope of the relevant specifications; not limited to inspection form protocols. Work-in-process inspections continuously verify that work conforms to project specifications and quality expectations. Work continues only when it does not adversely affect quality results. There are areas of the work which are hand laid or hand finished which may show limited desegregation of the mineral materials, which shows as less pleasing to the eye but is not a quality issue.

At completion of the work task an inspection verifies that work has been completed in accordance with project quality requirements.

For more information, please refer to the Burnaby Blacktop Ltd QA/QC Plan February 01, 2022

Nonconformance Report

Should a problem occur in the quality of work, we systematically contain the issue and quickly make corrections. Our first action is to clearly mark the item by tape, tag, or other easily observable signal to prevent inadvertent cover-up.
Then we expedite a corrective action that brings the workmanship or material issue into conformance by repair, replacement, or rework. Previously completed work is reinspected for similar nonconformances. If we cannot correct the item to meet contract specifications, the customer will be notified, and customer approval
of corrective actions is required before proceeding.
Fixing problems found is not sufficient. Burnaby Blacktop Ltd systematically prevents recurrences to improve quality.

For more information, please refer to the Burnaby Blacktop Ltd QA/QC Plan February 01, 2022

Asphalt surfaces completed by Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. will be guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of completion against cracking, depressions subject to the following limitations:

Cracking: This warranty shall cover major cracking, which is shown to exist down to the sub-base level. Hairline cracks resulting from expansion and contraction of the asphalt surface due to weather conditions as well as cracks caused by the heaving of a culvert, tree root, underground cables and pipes are not covered by this warranty. Thin overlays are not warrantable. Any resultant cracking which is covered by this warranty will be repaired by Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. at no charge to the customer using asphalt/cement or rubberized crack filler.

Depressions: This warranty shall cover depressions more than 1” in depth. Depressions caused by the heaving of a culvert pipe, catch basins, underground cables and pipes and inadequate compaction of sub-base and base course of granular materials completed by others are not covered by this warranty. Any resultant depression which is covered by this warranty will be repaired by Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. at no charge to the customer using a tack-coated layer of asphalt over the affected area.

Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. warrantees materials and workmanship for a period of one year, which is standard for the industry. However, of great importance to us more than abandoning our client at some point past warranty, is remaining engaged to provide peace of mind, and solutions to meet the clients long term needs.
Workmanship means asphalt thickness is as designated, along with proper compaction and drainage. Swales and berms may be used to assist in drainage issues as well as skin lift asphalt patches if necessary. Industry standards include the possibility of 1/4″ ponding of water that may occur if grades are below minimum asphalt standards of .25 per foot pitch. We cannot guarantee against minor ponding which can occur at joints. If there is any standing water after 48-hours this constitutes a drainage issue and will be addressed if less than 85% water drainage.

Materials (i.e., granular mineral materials, asphalt cement, HMA designs) are subject to rigorous testing, and other controls. See Burnaby Blacktop Ltd QA/QC Plan.

Terms and Conditions

We will not cover damages caused by vegetation growth, acts of nature, and will not accept liability where our products have been used for any inappropriate purpose or any customer driven damages such as cracks or breaks incurred due to overloading or driving on or near the unsupported edges, tire marks, scratches or unsightly marks caused by sharp objects or overloading, stains caused by oil or gas leakage, damages done due to the use of snow blowers, chemicals, shovels, heavy traffic and snow plows. We live in a climate where frost is in and out of the ground several times each year. We will not accept liability for water ponding or retention unless specified in the contract and will not be held responsible for cracking or premature deterioration when overlaying deteriorated asphalt or concrete. Burnaby Blacktop Ltd will not take responsibility for any damage to concrete, paver bricks, garage floors, treated or stained concrete, sidewalks, existing asphalt, or siding. Damage caused by equipment crossing, rolling, driving, or normal installation is not covered although we make every effort to be as careful as possible.

For more information about warranty coverage, call Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. at 778-855-0513 or email us at [email protected]

What to expect?

How to Take Care of Your Asphalt Surface

Congratulations on your newly constructed driveway or parking lot! You have decided asphalt is the product which will meet your needs for the long term, and you have made a wise choice. The properties of modern asphalt mix-designs are:

  • Durability
  • Flexibility
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Skid resistance

When you chose asphalt over concrete you chose a less rigid and more economical product featuring a quicker turnaround in installation. While neither product can do everything, both are the most common and effective roadway solutions on the planet: 100% recyclable, and tough as nails! The inherent limitations can be simplified by saying that under sufficient stress concrete will crack, while asphalt under stress can scuff, or push.

You will enjoy the benefits of your new parking surface for many years with very little maintenance, then when it comes time to perform repairs you will discover how asphalt is eminently repairable. To get the most out of your investment, please follow these suggestions:

  • Stay off the new surface for 24 hours, and try to vary parking locations (especially in summer);
  • Displace point load of items such as motorcycle kickstands, trailer landing gear, boat trailers, R. V’s etc. by use of plywood;
  • Do not turn your steering wheel unless the car is in motion i.e., no dry turns;
  • Parking on a very steep grade during a hot summer day may result in scuffing/pushing;
  • Do not park excessively close to an unsupported edge of paving;
  • Do not drive over an unsupported edge;
  • Do not change your cars engine oil on asphalt;
  • Use detergents judiciously, although most of these have no effect on asphalt any product containing petroleum, or mineral oil, etc. can marry the bitumen and soften your driveway;
  • Power wash judiciously, using a fanned tip. Although power washing can seldom harm asphalt surfaces it can blow out areas which show travelling;
  • Call us for a bituminous sealer, or a latex sealer, when the asphalt begins to change its surface characteristics. This is usually after a year or more. The first effects you will see showing oxidation will resemble a weathered look;

Enjoy this new extension of your home or business! Asphalt will withstand snowplows, and salting. Asphalt loves road hockey, and hoops as well!

Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. Guarantees all asphalt work performed by us with a 2-year limited warranty

To sign and submit, you can download the pdf version here.