Paving Services in Whonnock

At Burnaby Blacktop, we offer our paving services in Whonnock, on the north side of the Frazier River, and the eastern part of Maple Ridge BC, only 56 kilometres east of Downtown Vancouver. We handle everything from planning, excavation, and removal, to grating and paving. We can also install sealers, aggregate, topsoil, and conduits. We’ll make sure everything is done to code and done properly, and as we like saying “Big or Small, We Pave it All!”

Our Services Start with Listening to You Our Clients:

Our first service to you is listening, we’ll get an accurate idea of what you need. It may be a new parking lot, landscaping, a new driveway, or other paved areas. Whichever it is, you can join a growing number of satisfied customers that include private residences, municipalities, and commercial and industrial property owners.


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Our Paving Services in Whonnock Include:

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Asphalt Paving Services

We are the best choice for asphalt paving in Whonnock. We think of every project as unique and consider everything from the ground up. The condition of the asphalt around your property and your town says a lot about you. It makes an impression. That impression should be that you, and your community, care about quality and about the safety of visitors, customers, and the city of Whonnock.

Our asphalt paving services include commercial, residential, municipal, and strata paving. Our service also includes pothole repair. But sometimes there’s more to it than that. We also provide excavation and grading, parkade membrane, drainage installation, crack sealing, seal coating, line painting, and driveway repairs.

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Concrete Paving Services

Many times, meeting the unique requirements of your job requires concrete. You’ll know we understand your job because our estimates show it. We’ll listen to your requirements and your vision for what you need. We know the right materials and processes to install every variety of specialty work. This could be an equipment pad, freight warehouse floor, or factory loading bay, where the finish and strength of the installation are key.

With concrete, we can achieve different styles due to the different concrete finishes available. For our residential customers, we regularly install patios, decks, entranceways, steps, risers, retaining walls, or curbs and concrete driveways.

parking lot line painting by burnaby blacktop

Line Painting

Make sure your paved area is clearly marked. Quality painting, striping, and road marking are simply good investments. When it comes to function and usage, delineation is important. The whole point of parking lots, pathways, roadways, warehouse floors and recreational areas is for people to understand how to use them safely and effectively. We know the rules and we know how to lay them down.

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Drainage Installation

Water is the single most damaging element to asphalt and concrete installation. As you know, we have plenty of water in British Columbia, in its various forms. Water can seep into cracks as liquid and then freeze and expand. Over time, this does serious damage. many times, in not that long a period. Proper drainage of paved areas is the key to their longevity.

Whether you need to improve drainage of an existing installation, completely overhaul a damaged parking lot, or put in a new one, our experts will listen carefully to your plan and provide you with the information you need to know how it should be done. We’ll let you know whether your standing water will cause you long-term problems, and how our drainage installation solves them.

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A Little Bit About Paving in Whonnock

We take pride in the work we do, and our performance shows it. So much so, that word gets out, and places like Whonnock hear about our reputation for safety, productivity, and quality. Whonnock is a growing community and Burnaby Blacktop is proud to be a part of it.

The name Whonnock is taken from a Halkomelem word meaning pink, or humpback salmon, the only salmon that migrates up Whonnock Creek from the Frazier River.

Whonnock, BC is a special place. It was initially established as a transcontinental railroad station because of its proximity to another nearby station, drawing new settlers in 1885. The way of life included fishing, logging, and subsistence farming. Logging still exists, although greatly scaled back.

Today people keep horses, Llamas, goats, sheep, and poultry. Some also farm small tree and fruit farms. Whonnock Lake Park is a popular place for swimming, hiking, and studying nature.

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If you don’t live in Whonnoc, don’t worry, Burnaby Blacktop serves the entire Greater Vancouver area. We provide all asphalt and concrete paving services across BC. Find the closest location to you and feel free to give us a call if you are not sure if we service your area. Our concrete and asphalt contractors provide services in Langley, Pitt Meadows, Surrey, White Rock, Burnaby, and more!

Our Coverage Area Includes:

We service the Greater Vancouver Area, from Vancouver to Aldergrove. If you need any information or the city is not listed in our locations , please do not hesitate to contact us or to call us. We probably service your area too!

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