Burnaby Blacktop Has You Covered in West Vancouver

Burnaby Blacktop is the asphalt and concrete paving company to go to in West Vancouver. No matter the complexity or challenge level of the asphalt and concrete paving project, we guarantee our quality and reliability on every project. We are an officially bonded construction firm with the Surety Association of Canada. And we’ll help you plan a timeline that meshes with and meets your schedule.

Our clients include commercial, residential, municipal and strata properties. We can resurface your parking lot, loading dock, entranceway, driveway, or sidewalk. But you can also count on our experts to quickly diagnose and repair a variety of paving emergencies, and administer preventative measures like seal coating, pothole repairing, drain installation, crack sealing, and line painting.

Asphalt Paving

We provide asphalt paving and asphalt milling, for commercial, residential, municipal and strata properties. But it doesn’t stop there. We work with you to make sure our work is right for your schedule and your budget. Our maintenance and repair services protect your asphalt pavement to make sure that it is a job that lasts. Our professionals want to make sure you are satisfied with your asphalt paving results.

Concrete Paving

You may instead need concrete paving. Our skilled professionals are there to provide that service and exceed your expectations too. We can even help you make that initial decision between asphalt and concrete. We guarantee that your concrete project will be done right, to your satisfaction, and in an efficient amount of time. We use high-quality materials, and we own all of our equipment. All of our contractors are on staff, no sub-contracting. We know concrete and its different looks and feels, and especially its different functions. So, we can certainly help you make those critical decisions.

A Good Reputation Must Be Earned

We are well known around the Vancouver area for quality and reliability. We are also a bonded contractor, having met all the rigorous requirements to qualify. Our clients know that they’ve chosen the right pavers for their job. We’re proud of that, and it shows.

We love a challenge. By choosing Burnaby Blacktop, you know we can handle more challenging jobs. Our inhouse pavers have all the experience necessary to handle any roadway, driveway, parking area, sidewalk or entranceway. Sometimes, the more challenging jobs are the ones involving repair work, like potholes, or sealing the cracks. Our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied.

Burnaby Blacktop was voted by customers to be the “best paving company.” We’re proud of that and continue to strive to try to keep them feeling that way. Here’s how we do. We respond to our client’s needs, and we communicate well with our clients. Throughout the entire project, we make sure our clients are completely satisfied. We want you to be the first to know how we’re doing.