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If you are looking for a paving company in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, Burnaby Blacktop is the best option. We are the go-to paving contractor for customers who expect excellence. Our paving has strong engineering integrity, long-lasting durability, and by far the best-looking finish.

Our experienced management team and expert employees know what it takes to do the job right so that you end up with a great looking, long-lasting project; be it a parking area, driveway, footpath or roadway.

Our teams provide a full range of services from excavation, drainage installation, grading, paving, line painting, long-term maintenance, and even winter snow plowing and salting. We will work closely with you no matter if you are looking at an entirely new parking area, restoration of an existing parking lot or driveway or long term repairs and enhancements such as crack filling, seal coating, and line painting.

You want your paving work to look great and last for the long term. Call Burnaby BlackTop!

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As a company, we are passionate in supporting charitable institutions and activities. We believe that by doing this, we positively impact people’s lives and their communities. From time to time, we also assist other companies with their charitable work and campaigns.

Happy Clients

Thank you for coming and shoveling my driveway! You said you'd be here after work and you didn't leave until my driveway and path were clear. You shoveled and salted when neither I nor my husband could do it and I appreciate it sooo much!
03:52 06 Jan 22
The driveway to our garage has a grading problem. Every time we drive into the garage, the front of the car will scrape the driveway. We contacted Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. We drove the car back and forth a few times for C*** to make the assessment. C*** explained to us that there are two ways to repave the driveway. One easier and cheaper way is to just pour another layer of asphalt on top of the existing one. But to fix our problem, they will need to dig out the existing driveway and redo it completely. We said we will go with option 2 because the reason we want to redo the driveway is to fix the grounding issue. He quoted us at $3465. In the contract, it specifies that it is to “re-grade driveway to address grounding out by car when parking.” We paid the deposit (50%) which is $1732.5.They repaved the driveway and ask us to wait 2 days to try the new driveway. On day 3, I tested the driveway. The car still scrapes the driveway exactly as before. If we knew the result was like this, we didn’t need to repave the driveway. We sent burnabyblacktop an email including photos.Another gentleman showed up at our front door ask to see our driveway. We drove our car and showed the grounding. He said he will get back to us.C*** called back. We explained that during the quoting process it was promised to us that the grounding issue will be fixed that’s why we decided to repave. We do not think we need to pay the full price since they did not fix the problem at all. C*** suggested us to pay another $2000 dollars so that they can redo it again with a French drain. We do not want to take the risk again with such amount of money. C*** said we still need to pay the full $3465 otherwise he will send our bill to a collection company.
sharlene L
sharlene L
22:08 08 Dec 21
We Highly Recommend Burnaby Blacktop.We had a water management issue that we needed to take care of to protect our home. We reached out to Burnaby Blacktop. I spoke with Monique first. She was very professional asked all of the right questions and passed my information along to the Sales Manager. Through emails and phone calls Chris our Sales manager was great!! We came up with a plan to resolve our water management issue. As soon as the plan was signed off on, we received several emails from Kevin advising when the prep, concrete and asphalt crews would be onsite. The crews showed up on time and were very professional. We would like to say thank you to Santiago, Juan, Aaron and Priscilla (the concrete crew) they were professional and provided further ideas to make the plan even better!! They were polite and very friendly. After the concrete cured the asphalt crew showed up and they were very efficient neat clean and tidy. Thank you, Derek, Jason, Elliot, and Sam.Thank you Again!Adam and Roxy (Mom)
Adam Armstrong
Adam Armstrong
19:18 01 Dec 21
Burnaby Blacktop worked with us preparing a location for a film shoot. They were professional, prompt and worked well with the demanding deadlines of a film production company.We have and will continue to recommend them to other companies in our industry for any service involving grading and excavating on a large scale project.
Inkblot Production Office
Inkblot Production Office
00:20 27 Nov 21
Very professional. They bring every piece of equipment to do a thorough job. Very happy.
Rob Ekins
Rob Ekins
01:05 23 Nov 21
MY BEST TRADING EXPERIENCE EVERI have seen and tried different strategies and methods even lost alot of money while trying. Until i was introduce to this new strategy that got me back on track and i have been able to regain my lost money and still making consistent growth on all of my trade. Mrs Lilian Wilson is an amazing trader, she steadily lifted me out of financial penury. If you are interested and tired of losing your money You can reach her onEmail: [email protected]: +1 (315) 696-7425
Dumisa Deedz
Dumisa Deedz
02:06 16 Nov 21
Responsive and professional service patching my driveway for an insurance claim due to a main water line leak. Thank you so much, Rob and team, for your help and to come all the way out in Surrey. Appreciative you fit in your busy schedule to provide an estimate. It was nice to arrive home, and a relief, to see a repaired driveway.
Ida K
Ida K
18:04 11 Nov 21
From Danny's estimating and follow-up to Graham and the team's work on site, everything was handled in a prompt and professional manner. When two week of rain threatened the start of the job, they started late in the day to squeeze my work in before the rains hit. All done with a friendly, positive and accommodating attitude. Hats off to them all. Highly recommend them.
glenn ledingham
glenn ledingham
19:44 23 Oct 21
Rick Fearon
Rick Fearon
01:38 21 Oct 21

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COVID-19 Pandemic: Your Safety is Our Priority

To our valued customers

As a company, we prioritise health and safety for our employees and most importantly, our customers. We would like to assure you that we work under strict compliance with the BC Centre of Disease Control (CDC) and adheres to the guidelines provided by Health Canada and the World Health Organization regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our business procedures, including estimating, collections, on site work procedures and overall customer interaction have been adjusted to ensure a healthy interaction between our employees and customers:

Our employees have been educated with regards to the health and safety requirements amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We make sure that they strictly adhere to the following:

Our company representative will contact the customer before starting the project to ensure a safe environment for our workers:

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will ensure that all policies and preventive measures are adhered to. We also would like to encourage you to be up to date with COVID-19 pandemic by visiting the Health Canada’s website and watching the daily news.

If you have queries and concerns regarding the above practice, please feel free to contact us at 778.855.0513 or send an email to [email protected] Be assured that we will continue to be at our best in providing a safe and healthy work environment.

Thank you.

Burnaby Blacktop Ltd.