Jul 28, 2020

Why Do You Need Asphalt Milling?

To restore pavement, many times we can start by “milling” the asphalt. This process is frequently used instead of the more costly task of completely demolishing the road or parking area and replacing it. By grinding down the surface of the asphalt, which can vary from several inches to its full depth, a smooth and even surface is ready for repaving.

Asphalt has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until the 1970s that asphalt milling was developed to resurface roads or parking areas. Not only is it more affordable, but it is also sustainable.

Milling is the Solution for Widespread Damage

If the pavement is uneven, shows signs of ravelling and deterioration, or has widespread cracking, milling may very well be the more reasonable answer, especially if the “sub-base” is intact. An intact sub-base makes a great stable surface for the new hot-mix surface.

Milling also allows for the surface to stay at the same height. If you were simply to repeatedly overlay a surface, eventually it would be too high, and you would not be able to add any more layers.

Milling is a Recycling Solution

Milling is by far one of the most environmentally friendly processes known. We can reuse everything we grind off. We collect it and haul it away on the spot, as we’re milling. Once asphalt is milled from a surface, it is taken to be aggregated into new asphalt. Because of this, asphalt is now one of the most recyclable materials.

Burnaby Blacktop Resurfaces in a Number of Service Areas

We specialize in asphalt and concrete paving. We cater to commercial, residential, municipal, strata, and industrial developments. We are located in BC and have been serving the lower mainland since 2009. We can handle any size job from Vancouver to Aldergrove.

We own all of our equipment, including milling machines–also known as cold planers, and we know exactly how to get the job done right. We use water not only to reduce the extreme heat caused by the grinding but also to reduce the dust.

Milling is a Targeted Solution

Your damage might just be limited to a specific area. If that is the case, milling allows you to resurface just the area of damage and not the entire surface. It is an economical and seamless solution.

A process called “micro milling” can be opted for if the damage is not as extensive. A micro-milling drum has many more teeth and they are smaller than on the drums of typical milling machines. These teeth can result in a relatively smooth road surface. This can either be used for the final paved surface, or a thinner layer of hot mix can be added.

Asphalt Milling May Be Your Best Option

It’s quicker, it’s easier, it’s more affordable, and you have more control over how much you need doing. Milling is simply a better option than complete demolition or other expensive pavement removal jobs.

Burnaby Blacktop is Your Best Choice for Asphalt Milling

We’re up on all the most efficient and cost-saving techniques available, and since we own and maintain all of our equipment, we are always available for any job of any size. We are the “go-to” paving contractor in Vancouver BC and the surrounding areas.

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