Oct 04, 2020

Why You Should Choose Asphalt Paving?

You are thinking about the material used in your parking lot, and whether it is a commercial lot or a residential one, you need it to be long-lasting and durable. Whether you are turning your attention to the issue of parking lot paving because you need extensive pothole repair, crack repair or entirely new pavement, you need to know about your options.

For the most part, parking lot paving boils down to two specific choices – asphalt or concrete. In this article, we are going to consider why you should choose asphalt paving over the concrete options. You might be surprised to discover that there are many advantages to the asphalt, and they go well beyond easier crack and pothole repair, sealing, and so on!

Let’s take time to consider them in order to ensure you make the best decision for your needs and budget.

The Many Benefits of Asphalt Parking Lot Paving

It does not matter if you are exploring options for a parking lot, driveway or road pavement, asphalt will always come with the following advantages and benefits:

  • Long Lasting

One of the most accurate statements that could be made about asphalt pavement is that it is always more durable than expected. It can withstand intense summer heat and weeks of blasting sun, but it also stands up to the freeze and thaw cycles that winter may bring. The composition of asphalt enables it to flex and bend better than concrete, and so it is not as likely to deteriorate due to weather. It is also more durable when exposed to chemicals and salts, heavy loads and non-stop traffic, no matter what the weather or temperatures.

  • Efficiency

Most pothole repair is done with asphalt. Why? Because it is very easy to handle, dries quickly, bonds well, and makes effective repairs. These same principles apply when it is being put down as a full pavement. Though the work can be done very quickly – whether it is a huge parking lot paving job or a tiny parking pad in front of a home – it will turn into a long-lasting surface. For most instances, the pavement can be poured, pressed and used all in the same day.

  • Low Maintenance

Many home and property owners do a few DIY tasks on their asphalt pavements every year. They may explore it for signs of wear, do a rigorous cleaning and even fill in a single small crack or two. In fact, the low maintenance and easy repairs possible with asphalt are exactly why you will find a pothole repair kit or crack fill kit at any local hardware or home improvement store. Should you reseal it on your own? Though some would argue that it is okay for a property owner to tackle this on their own, the simple answer is “no”. Instead, when the spring season arrives, it is best to hire experts to do a professional seal coating.

  • Affordable

Even if you have to do some crack or pothole repair work from time to time, the simple truth is that asphalt parking lot paving is the most affordable route. This is due to a few factors – the first is that it is so easy to handle and to use that installers can have it done in a matter of hours. It is also affordably produced and that low cost is passed on to consumers in the form of a more affordable parking lot paving material. If you shop around, you will see that it is often 40% less costly than concrete paving. Even better is that the low cost doesn’t mean more spent on crack and pothole repairs, replacements and so on, because it is just as durable as concrete – and in some cases even more so!

  • Eco-Friendly

Something many do not consider about parking lot paving and pothole repair is that asphalt is a great deal more eco-friendly than other options. How? Quite simply, it can be pulled up, ground up and reused – often all at the same time. Many paving experts have machines that can recycle pavement immediately. This means no new materials are required and less stress and strain are placed on the environment in the form of fuller landfills, harvesting of new materials, and more.

So, there are five good reasons that you will want to choose asphalt when next having a drive or parking lot paved. Naturally, you also want to work with experts in asphalt and concrete paving, and the team at Burnaby Blacktop is happy to give you a free quote on your paving needs.

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