Jan 14, 2021

Make this the year you lay down a new foundation to build on. Start by adding the driveway of your dreams with Burnaby Blacktop, the expert in residential paving. It’s easy when you don’t have to hire multiple contractors to get the job done. From excavation to grading and paving, we do it all.

For many this past year, their paved area has been a major impediment and has made access difficult. Ugly, cracked, filled with potholes, and dangerous to navigate, it needs to be replaced. Sound familiar? At Burnaby Blacktop in BC, we love paving projects, whether asphalt or concrete. Like most construction projects, its lifespan is largely determined by laying a solid foundation. We make sure of this by preparing the foundation ourselves. At Burnaby Blacktop, our surfaces are functional, attractive, and long-lasting.

This is a New Year and a New Opportunity to Upgrade

If your 2021 aspirations include a new residential or commercial surface for you to use for many years to come then the time is right for Burnaby Blacktop to handle your project. Replacing an old, damaged area with a new and improved area says you have left the past behind you and are moving forward better than ever.

Whether a partial or complete removal of a residential driveway, municipal bike path, or parking lot, the time is right to put us on the job and know that we’ll meet your schedule. We are 100% employee staffed and we own all of our equipment, so we have everything we need to provide you with an accurate estimate, no matter how large or small your project is.

Being Excavation Experts Makes All the Difference

In order to have the driveway of your dreams, you have to remove the old nightmare. This process is all part of what we do. Whether you need asphalt excavation or concrete excavation, it is an important 1st step in the process.

We also know that the quality of the new driveway all depends on driveway excavation and what the driveway lays on. What lies below the surface determines the surface. We have the experience to anticipate and determine soil stability, water tables, any buried water, sewer, electric lines, or even mine shafts. Many contractors aren’t equipped for this, they have to rely on other contractors that may not take responsibility or provide our level of quality.

Proper excavation and grading greatly affect the stability and durability of the paved or landscaped area above. An excavation job done right provides lasting support. This includes compacting as well as the removal of earth and rock. Land grading controls water runoff and is also the best start to successful landscaping.

Once we know your goals and the scope of the project, we can set about removing or repurposing the excavated material safely and efficiently. We prepare for the new surface by grading and smoothing the area for use.

Offering a Full Range of Services, But Our Best Service is Listening to You

We aren’t just Vancouver’s best paving company we are Vancouver’s best excavation company. Before there is “in with the new” there has to be “out with the old.” We can provide sound advice for whatever your plan is moving forward. Maybe your “in with the new” is a new green space. Our experts can help you plan to minimize your cost and optimize your success.

Our full range of services includes planning, excavation, removal, grading and paving. The experienced experts at Burnaby Blacktop know what to look for. We’ll make sure the drainage is up to code and everything is done properly. We can also install sealers, aggregate, topsoil and conduits. Whether our excavation results in a new parking lot, landscaping, a new driveway or another type of paved area, it will be completed to meet, and even exceed all requirements.

Here is your opportunity to start 2021 with a safer, more functional solution. Our team shares your positive outlook moving forward and cares about your satisfaction. Give us a call so we can help with your asphalt or concrete excavation.

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