Nov 27, 2018

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The leaves have fallen, there’s a chill in the air, and the calendar is counting down the last days of the year. Winter is well on its way, which means the first flakes of the season could arrive at any moment. Even though Vancouver is better known for wet winters, you can still expect to see a shovelful of snow, or two. So, what does that mean for your paved driveway? Plunging temperatures, slippery slush, and elusive black ice can leave your driveway or parking lot looking a little weathered. Worse, your own parking spot could quickly transform from a winter wonderland into a fall hazard, which is snow laughing matter. Keeping your driveway or commercial parking lot clear and clean is the best way to both maintain curb appeal and stay safe this season. Here are a few simple tips on snow clearing in Greater Vancouver:

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Always Be Prepared

We’ve all been part of the classic Lower Mainland winter rush that typically happens right after the first snowfall. The price of shovels and salt becomes steeper than your favourite ski hill, and all the best snow plowing services are booked solid. This year, why not scope out your options early? A little research in advance can give you peace of mind and an icicle-sharp edge when it comes to finding the most reputable snow clearing services in your area.

It’s also a good idea to ask: Is my driveway or parking area properly prepared for snow? Step outside and take a quick survey. If you spot any cracks or potholes, you’ll want to get them repaired before the first flurries. During the freezing and thawing process, any snow that collects in the cracks can melt, and then freeze into ice. Since water expands when frozen, those little cracks might not be so little anymore by the time the spring thaw rolls around! Small surface imperfections can be fixed with an asphalt repair kit, but larger issues should be handled by the professionals. An experienced paving company will ensure that your driveway is correctly sealed and protected from the elements.

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We do commercial Snow Plowing Too!

All Snow Plowing services are Not Created Equal

When the flakes do start to fly and the buildup of snow in the driveway evokes the image of a miniature glacier, it might be tempting to hire a cheap and cheerful snow plowing service. However, saving a bit of money now by using “Mr. Plow Now” may end up costing you more down the road. Professional snow clearing services are better able to judge the height of the plow relative to the paved surface, which minimizes the chance of scrapes, cracks, and even the inadvertent removal of whole chunks of asphalt. (Not to mention that awful sound that results from the meeting of metal and driveway!) Choosing a professional snow plowing company helps maintain the integrity of your paved surface. Remember, when it comes to clearing a safe path, it’s always a good idea to trust the experts.

Trust Burnaby Blacktop

Speaking of trusting the experts, if you’re looking for professional advice on how to prepare your paved driveway for winter weather, choose Burnaby Blacktop. We’re proud to be your asphalt authority, and together, we can pave the way to a smoother, safer winter season. Call us today to request a quote!

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