Dec 20, 2018

When to Use Concrete Instead of Asphalt

Picture this: You’re on a sunlit patio at the height of summer, enjoying a cool beverage and surveying the scenery. Or maybe you’re ambling along an immaculate thoroughfare in the city, enjoying the sparkling stretches of metal, glass, and the sea. What do these scenes have in common? Just check the ground beneath your feet! Concrete is a remarkable, durable, multifaceted surfacing material that’s quite literally paving the way to the future.

Right now you may be thinking: “Isn’t concrete a funny topic for a company with Blacktop in the name?” Although asphalt is, and always has been, our first love when it comes to paving material, at Burnaby Blacktop we’re all about the things that can help get you from point A to point B as smoothly as possible. And that means we’re also experts in everything concerning concrete paving. In fact, there are some situations where it’s actually preferable to use concrete in place of asphalt!

From concrete driveways to large-scale industrial projects, let’s take a look at some “concrete” examples of when it’s better to use concrete instead of asphalt:

When it Needs to be Rock Solid

Let’s get right down to the nitty gritty. If you need a surface that’s going to support a lot of weight and look beautiful for decades to come, there’s no foundation more solid than concrete. Why? It all comes down to the fundamental differences between asphalt and concrete. Asphalt consists of aggregate material in bitumen, and the viscous nature of bitumen adds pliability to the resulting surface. This quality is great when it comes time for repairs, but it does limit how much weight an asphalt surface can handle. After all, you wouldn’t want your truck to cause divots in the driveway! Concrete is made up of a mixture of fine and coarse aggregates bonded with a fluid cement that hardens over time, giving you a rock-hard surface that’s capable of supporting a lot of mass. Take that weight off your shoulders and put it on your concrete driveway!

The flexible nature of asphalt also means that it’s generally less durable than concrete, which results in the need to replace asphalt surfaces more frequently. Concrete paving can last 50+ years and still look great, which makes it a smart investment, financially and aesthetically.

When You’re Into Low-Maintenance

Paving surfaces are one of those things you like to set and forget. And that’s understandable! After all, why would you want to spend time sealing your patio when you could be out there enjoying it? Thanks to its durability and longevity, concrete is the ultimate low-maintenance paving material. Concrete requires sealing far less frequently than asphalt, which cuts down on the time and cost required to maintain the curb appeal of your concrete paving surface. It’s recommended that you seal a new concrete surface within one month of installation to preserve its freshly-paved finish and prevent damage. It’s a good idea to put two coats of sealer down, so you can be sure every square centimeter gets the protection it deserves. Expert concrete paving contractors such as Burnaby Blacktop can often lay down the first coat of sealer if requested.

Although frequent sealing is not necessary, concrete driveways and other surfaces will require occasional degreasing to remove buildup of oil and other contaminants. This is a relatively simple and quick procedure and goes a long way to maintaining the look of your concrete surface.

When You Want to Customize Your Concrete

So far, we’ve established that concrete is a durable, long-lasting, and easy-to-maintain paving material. But did you know it can also be exceptionally beautiful? It’s true! Adding color, pattern, and texture is simple, so you can enjoy a surface that’s as unique as you like. Your concrete driveway could be so much more than simply a place to park vehicles! Thanks to the wide variety of concrete colours available, you can make your driveway into a canvas, helping your home become a standout on the streets. You can also put your own stamp on your entryway, patio, or deck by adding texture with stamped concrete. In addition, different finishes offer distinct benefits. For example, broom finishing gives a slip-resistant surface that’s safe and simple to maintain. When it comes to customizing concrete, the ground’s the limit! Contact the expert contract paving contractors at Burnaby Blacktop to get started on a plan today.

There’s nothing quite like concrete when it comes to durability, ease of maintenance, and undeniable curb appeal. Burnaby Blacktop is here for all of your concrete paving projects, big and small, from entryways to large municipal projects. Ready to get started? Feel free to give us a call for more information and a free quote.

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