Jun 05, 2019

Any parking lot is unique. While all seem to be identical in appearance, no two are aging at the same rate, experiencing an identical amount of wear and tear, or sitting on the exact same types of subsoil and foundation. Additionally, while some lots have asphalt paving, others have concrete paving, and all of these variations can make it difficult to know when it is time to repave or repair the parking lot on your property.

The Difference

Clearly, repairing is very different from repaving. As an example, whether the lot is covered in asphalt paving or concrete paving, it may develop potholes, cracks and heaves. In many instances, these basic parking lot issues can be remedied with simple repairs. Calling out experts to do some filling and coating might be enough. However, it may not always be that simple. Below are the signs to use when you are considering whether it is time to repair or get new asphalt paving or concrete paving.

The Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Work

There are very specific issues to consider when trying to determine your next “best step” where the parking lot is concerned, and they include:

  • The Look of the Lot

Does the parking lot’s asphalt paving or concrete paving have a lot of cracks instead of just single issues? Maybe you have already done some repairs and those patches and touch-ups give the lot a rather shabby or rundown look. Either way, if you want your parking lot to look its very best, you may want to forgo repairs or further repairs and just head straight to paving. It won’t matter if it is asphalt paving or concrete paving – it will have an aesthetically appealing look that a patched-up lot will never offer.

  • The Long-Term Costs

Most of us know that it can often pay to repair a high-quality item rather than doing an outright replacement. We also know the reverse of that concept and understand that repeatedly repairing a low-quality object adds up to much more than investing in the pricier, higher quality option. When considering your parking lot, it may be that it is far more cost-effective to do asphalt paving or concrete paving rather than season after season of repairs.

  • The Demands on the Parking Lot

In line with the issue above, you need to consider such things as the weather (lots in cold and wet climates tend to freeze and expand), the type and amount of traffic, and the frequency that any existing asphalt paving or concrete paving has needed repairs. If the lot has a great deal of traffic, including heavier vehicles, and it is in a region where the ground freezes and a lot of moisture exists, it may be wiser to invest in a premium lot with a great foundation and excellent paving.

  • The Signs of Wear

You can also determine whether repairs will suffice or if a new pavement is needed by looking at the types of wear. For example, it is fine to make first-time repairs if cracks are less than ¼ inch in width and less than 2” deep. If they are straight and if any holes are very shallow and small, repairs may suffice. Lastly, if less than ¼ of the surface needs repair, you may be able to do some repairs and enjoy further use of the lot.

Knowing When to Update Rather Than Repair

Now that you have a good idea of the signs and factors you should consider when trying to determine if your parking area needs a few basic repairs (crack and pothole filling) or if you should commit to repaving, it is the ideal time to get started.

How do you choose your paving provider? You will want to find a company that has a history of specializing in such repairs, including concrete and asphalt paving services as well as repair services. They should be able to tackle commercial and residential properties and even municipal work. It helps if the firm has a mindset that no job is too small or too big since many providers turn down homeowners with a small parking area or a short drive. And you’ll want to be sure they can excavate and grade, install drainage, provide coatings, in addition to doing the paving.

Burnaby Blacktop offers a long list of asphalt and concrete paving services, including repairs, free quotes, and more. Get in touch with them today to order your free estimate.

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