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Dec 14, 2020

Asphalt paving is one of the most strong, durable, and affordable paving options for residential, commercial, and public areas alike, and Burnaby Blacktop is one of the premier Vancouver asphalt paving companies providing this service. While it may seem like a relatively easy task upfront, every asphalt company and asphalt contractor is professionally trained in the use of special equipment to ensure that every Vancouver asphalt paving project is seen to completion in the most efficient and effective way possible. Here is some of the unique equipment used by the asphalt contractor team at Burnaby Blacktop if hired as your paving contractor.


Reclaimers are vehicles designated to cut and destroy old pavement to be replaced. The rotors on these vehicles will also often be used to mix lime, cement, and other materials into the foundation to help stabilize a poor bed surface.

Milling Machines

Following the use of a reclaimer, milling machines come in to remove the top layer of the existing pavement to create a bed surface for an asphalt company to work. Milling machines create a friction rich surface that is serviceable to drive on while working toward the final product. These tools can also work as graders in lieu of a dedicated grader machine.


If the foundation of the area to be paved is hard dirt or gravel, a grader can be used instead of a milling machine in order to create a flat surface to lay asphalt. Flat surfaces are key for both drivability and to avoid having to seek out any major asphalt driveway repair options or asphalt road repairs down the line.


Following milling or grading, sweepers come through to clean the road surface of any loose rocks and debris. Not only can these cause damage to vehicles, but an excess of this type of debris will hinder the bonding capabilities of the freshly laid asphalt to the bed surface.

Asphalt Pavers

Finally, we get to pavers – the machines responsible for actually laying the asphalt material often delivered by a dump truck. Pavers are generally self-propelled machines responsible for evenly spreading asphalt on the newly levelled and cleaned surface. Asphalt is loaded into the front of a paver and slowly spread out the back of the machine. A screed works to level the material on the ground as it is spread.


Once the asphalt is laid, it is the job of an asphalt contractor operating a compactor to settle and condense the new surface layer. The weight of the compactor in addition to slow speeds work together to compress the asphalt into a solid, uniform, and strong final surface.

A professional paving contractor team, like the one at Burnaby Blacktop, is essential to successfully complete a paving project of any size. Not only do asphalt contractors have the requisite knowledge and expertise to get the job done, but they also have the training required to safely operate all of the specialized equipment. Whether you have a small area to be paved or a larger project in mind, give Burnaby Blacktop a call today and stand by as our experts arrive on-site with all of the special equipment used by asphalt paving professionals.

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