May 08, 2019

You may think that one paving company or paving contractor is not all that different from another. This is not accurate, and if you require asphalt paving at your home or commercial property, you will want to take the time to explore options in professional asphalt or concrete paving providers. Below is an array of questions you must ask any paving company or paving contractor before hiring them to do asphalt paving or concrete paving of any kind.

It does not matter if the job is very small (such as a two car parking pad in front of your home) or a huge parking lot, you should take the time to identify the best paving company or paving contractor available. This will ensure that the foundation beneath the pavement is well done, and that the end result is long-lasting and functional.

Level of Experience?

It may seem as if you are going to insult the firm that offers asphalt paving or concrete paving by asking them for some details about the length of time the paving company has been in business but ask anyway. A reputable paving contractor will have no qualms about delving into the amount of experience the company has, and though this is no guarantee of a premium job, any business with 10 to 20 years or more is likely to offer the kind of expertise you want.


In other words, who is going to do the actual work of the asphalt paving or the concrete paving? This could be seen as part two of the first question. Why? Because the firm might have 20 years of experience in as a paving company, but if they are also accepting work that they then hand off to subcontractors, they should be avoided. So, ask plainly: Who is going to be doing all of the work? Then, get it all in writing. You want to see that the paving contractor’s team of employees (with years of experience of their own) is doing the work – not unknown subcontractors.


Once you narrow down options by using those two sets of questions above – how long in business and who is doing the work? – you can then ask for recommendations, references, feedback and testimonials. If you are given previous clients, contact them for comments about the work. Go out and look at some of the work done and ask the owners if they feel it was a good choice.

Real World Quote?

If a paving contractor asks for some specifics, such as the size of the lot or parking area you wish to have paved, and gives you a quote based on that alone, look elsewhere. The only valuable estimate or quote for concrete or asphalt paving is the quote done after the expert has visited the site. They’ll look at everything from drainage to existing pavement and only then be able to give a realistic estimate on the cost of the asphalt or concrete paving work.

What is Covered?

When you get a quote for the asphalt paving or concrete paving job, ask for an itemized list of what is included in that quote. You want to see everything that the sum covers AND any fees or additional work that will nudge the price upward. A good paving company or paving contractor will always let you see everything that you can expect to be done for the price quoted. They will not try to hide fees or mislead you about the total cost. If you have questions or feel that the scope of the work for the asphalt paving or concrete paving seems inaccurate, be frank with the paving company representative.

Are You Covered?

One of the most relevant issues to ask any provider of pavement services is whether they are licensed and insured. If they are not, and they are unable to operate legally in your area, avoid them like the proverbial plague. You want only to work with properly licensed contractors specializing in asphalt or concrete pavement services.

Asphalt or Concrete?

Finally, your contractor should not automatically lean towards the more costly concrete options. While this can help them earn the most for the job, asphalt is often just as durable, it goes down faster, is eco-friendly, and less expensive. A good paving professional will always tell you about your options and help you identify the best solution for your needs and your budget.

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