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Burnaby Blacktop makes the grade as a safe employer

Burnaby Blacktop meets the BCCSA COR™ Program Requirements for 2018 Providing a safe and healthy workplace environment is essential for any employer, but all the more so when your work involves heavy equipment and burning hot asphalt and tar. Burnaby Blacktop is very proud to have received high marks on it’s recent BC Construction safety Alliance Audit […]

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The Best and Quickest Methods for Pothole Repair

You want Business as Usual: Then you need to Take Care of the Potholes As a savvy business owner, you already know the importance of giving your customers a warm welcome. Your storefront or reception area looks great, you’ve got a compelling product, and clever advertising drives people everywhere to choose your company. But is […]

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5 Ways A Good Paving Contractor Can Help Grow Your Business

Your Parking lot and Entryways say a lot about your Business Picture this: you’ve just opened a new business. Perhaps you had the building constructed yourself. It’s perfect, everything is exactly where you imagined it to be, but still, something is missing. It’s time to look outside and really consider the parking lot. You might […]

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5 Signs It’s Time to Repave Your Parking Lot

Your Parking Lot makes the first impression! You’re a proud business owner. You’ve got a solid customer base and you take pride in your business, both from the inner workings to the state of the building itself. Over the years you may have had external repairs and even a new coat of paint, but something […]

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Winter Maintenance and Spring Cleaning For Your Driveway

Steps to take to be sure your driveway survives winter Are you a proud business or homeowner? Do you care about the appearance of your business or home? What about the driveway? When you’re trying to achieve the ultimate in curb appeal, it’s important to consider every aspect of the exterior of your home or […]

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Five Things Asphalt is Used for in Addition to Your Driveway

Asphalt, a most versatile material Asphalt is well-known for being a flexible and versatile paving material. In fact, about 85% of the world’s annual production of asphalt is used to build the safe and attractive roads, paths, and driveways we use every day. But asphalt is capable of doing so much more than providing a […]

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Asphalt and the Environment

Asphalt a natural wonder material From smooth stretches of highway to pristine parking lots, to sweeping arcs of paths and driveways, asphalt can be found almost everywhere you look. Canada is home to the world’s largest natural deposit of asphalt, which is instrumental in helping to build the roadways that connect us all. But have you […]

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How to Choose a Commercial Paving Company

If you’re managing a large commercial paving project, you’ll want to hire a paving company in Vancouver that will get the job done right, and right on schedule. Choosing the right commercial paving company for your paving project will not only save you time and money, it will cut down on potential headaches, delays, and […]

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Burnaby Blacktop Brings You The History of Asphalt

When you think of asphalt, you probably imagine long, sweeping roadways, perfectly paved paths, and pristine parking lots. But asphalt, also known as bitumen, has enjoyed a long and interesting career as an exceptionally versatile construction material. Since asphalt is a naturally occurring resource, its use actually dates back to ancient times. Over the years, […]

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COVID-19 Pandemic: Your Safety is Our Priority

To our valued customers

As a company, we prioritise health and safety for our employees and most importantly, our customers. We would like to assure you that we work under strict compliance with the BC Centre of Disease Control (CDC) and adheres to the guidelines provided by Health Canada and the World Health Organization regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our business procedures, including estimating, collections, on site work procedures and overall customer interaction have been adjusted to ensure a healthy interaction between our employees and customers:

Our employees have been educated with regards to the health and safety requirements amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. We make sure that they strictly adhere to the following:

Our company representative will contact the customer before starting the project to ensure a safe environment for our workers:

We will continue to monitor this situation closely and will ensure that all policies and preventive measures are adhered to. We also would like to encourage you to be up to date with COVID-19 pandemic by visiting the Health Canada’s website and watching the daily news.

If you have queries and concerns regarding the above practice, please feel free to contact us at 778.855.0513 or send an email to [email protected] Be assured that we will continue to be at our best in providing a safe and healthy work environment.

Thank you.

Burnaby Blacktop Ltd.