Jan 16, 2022

Driving in snow or on icy roads is something that most Canadians have to deal with. Although Vancouver, British Columbia is considered milder than the rest of Canada during the winter months, like other places in the Pacific Northwest during the winter, it gets wet and icy. If the temperature drops, this means very difficult and unpredictable driving conditions. Drier areas of the country may be colder, but they are more navigable when the temperature drops.

When snow first hits Vancouver, it is beautiful, but Vancouver can also get to be a messy, hazardous ordeal when it comes time to hit the road.

Recently, the weather has become more difficult to predict. When winter weather hits, it can reach extreme conditions before most realize it is coming. This winter has been colder than the past few winters, so more precautions are needed, not only as a driver. Pay attention to the forecasts and reports, and prepare your vehicle, particularly your tires, and driveway for winter roads. If you are a business owner, make sure your parking lot is prepared as soon as winter arrives, your customers will appreciate safe driving conditions.

A first mistake is to underestimate winter conditions and try to drive. Prepare your vehicle by switching to winter tires, and only drive if you absolutely must. These conditions are more than an inconvenience, they are a dangerous hazard.

Tips to Drive on Icy Roads

Drive Slow on Black Ice

The West Coast is known for black ice. The fluctuations in temperature and the combination of rain, and re-freezing, create a sheet of clear ice on the black road. To an eye that isn’t used to recognizing it, the road may simply look wet, but if the temperature drops below freezing, you might as well be driving on an ice hockey rink. Sometimes it is hard to spot, so go slow and give yourself some time.

Use Caution

So slow down and know that you’ll need more than double the stopping distance when the roads are icy.

In dry conditions, drivers are close to each other, speeding, and changing lanes suddenly. Today’s vehicles are capable of a lot, but winter driving frequently results in collisions. When the road becomes icy during the winter, driving behaviour must change as your tires struggle with traction. Remember that you need to not only be cognizant of your own driving but also think of what other drivers might do.

Use Winter Tires

Winter tires provide more control in icy conditions. You can even get an insurance rebate from your provincial government if they are installed on your car. It isn’t just cheaper than higher insurance premiums and the cost of repair, it also represents the value of your peace of mind.

Winter Driving Skills – Prevent Skidding

Skidding and sliding are common, so you might as well know how to handle them.

  • Stay calm. If you have experienced this before, that helps. You’ll think more clearly.
  • Avoid overreacting. This has a lot to do with staying calm.
  • Take your foot off the gas pedal. You might break gently if you are sliding a lot, but don’t slam on the brakes.
  • Place your hands on the steering wheel at the nine and three positions for better control.
  • Steer gently in the same direction that your back end is headed.

Parking Lot Snow Removal

One of the best ways to stay open for business during difficult winter storms is to look like you’re open for business and don’t make it challenging for either your customers or your staff to access your building. So, periodic snow removal and salting are a must. A clear parking lot and safe access to and through your entranceway send that message clearly.

Keeping us on-call means that clearing your parking lot will be addressed in a timely fashion. A storm can be disruptive. Think about conducting your business, not shovelling snow, with all those hassles and risks associated. Leave it to the pros at Burnaby Blacktop.

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