Nov 05, 2020

With our snow removal and salting services, you will keep your parking lot areas, sidewalks and driveways in working and accessible conditions even in the worst weather. Simple as is, you will have a hassle-free winter if you hire a professional snow removal company.

As one of the premier paving and asphalt companies in the Greater Vancouver Area, the asphalt contractors at Burnaby Blacktop have a longstanding reputation for providing the highest quality services at a fraction of the price of our competitors. Winter is right around the corner, and while our bread and butter may be asphalt and paving jobs our expert staff is also here to handle all of your commercial snow plowing and snow removal needs. From snow removal and plowing to chipping and salting services, Burnaby Blacktop has you covered.

You could try and tackle all snow plowing and salting on your own, but…

Here are 5 major advantages of hiring a professional snow removal service:

1. Reduce Personal Liability

Inadequate snow removal is a primary cause for slips, trips, and falls in the wintertime, and those can add up to serious problems for your business. Following big winter storms, why risk having someone get hurt on your property because you couldn’t properly clear it of snow and ice? Instead, hand your snow plowing and salting duties over to a professional snow removal company so you can be sure that your parking lots and walkways are as clear and safe as possible.

2. The Right Tools for the Job

While your business likely has some shovels, ice chippers, and maybe even a snowplow on hand, a commercial snow removal company is guaranteed to have the best tools available. As such, they are able to clear snow much quicker than you could otherwise and also can do so without damaging the underlying asphalt or pavement which can often be the case when using inadequate tools.

3. Saves You Time

Speaking of removing the snow quickly, hiring a professional snow removal contractor will save you countless hours of labour over the course of a winter. This, in turn, will allow you to save money on your company’s payroll budget. It is a lot of work running a business, so why waste your valuable time tackling a job that a professional team can do more quickly, cleanly, and efficiently?

4. Reduce Business Interruptions

Snow removal services for parking lotsOne of the biggest hassles following a winter storm is getting your business to open safely and on time. In addition to employees needing to navigate less than ideal driving conditions to get to work, you have the added hassle of making sure your parking lots and walkways are navigable for patrons. If they are left in poor conditions, you may need to delay opening until they are clear – likely resulting in the loss of business or productivity.

By contracting Burnaby Blacktop, you can reduce the risk of delays as our professionals will work tirelessly to clear your property of all impeding snow as soon as possible.

5. Reduce Damage to the Underlying Surface

In the midst and aftermath of a winter storm, snow removal always takes top priority. However, many people tackling this massive project on their own lose sight of the asphalt or pavement lying below that blanket of white. If you rush to remove snow on your own or do not have the right tools for the job, you could cause major damage to the bed surface. This, in turn, will add up to costly repairs come spring and summer. Instead of risking it this winter, hire out an asphalt contractor that also specializes in snow removal.

Despite being one of the best asphalt companies in the Greater Vancouver Area, Burnaby Blacktop does so much more. This winter, when the snow starts to fly, consider handing your snow removal duties over to a professional snow removal company like us.

The reasons to hire commercial snow removal services are limitless, and if you do hire a professional service why not go with the best? Give Burnaby Blacktop a call today to discuss snow removal options for your commercial or residential space. Once winter hits in full force, you will be glad you did.

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