Sep 24, 2021

Why do You need To Have a Proper Drainage Installation System?

There is no bigger threat to your asphalt surfaces than water. As summer is ending and the rainy Vancouver that we love and hate is soon approaching, there is no more important measure to be taken to avoid damage to your asphalt to invest in proper drainage installation.

If you live in the Greater Vancouver Area, you are probably well aware of the damage water can do. Anywhere your pavement holds water, the standing water will break down its integrity and cause damage. Over time water always wins. As a liquid, it can seep into any opening, no matter how small, then when it freezes and becomes solid, it expands. Before long, this process widens cracks, turning small problems into big ones.

Potholes, cracks, pavement edge drop-offs, and erosion result from puddles that continue to grow. Standing water deteriorates your asphalt by weakening the bonding between the binder, rock, and sand mixture that makes up the foundation. With a substandard drainage system, water below your asphalt surface builds up and weakens your pavement from the inside. This can cause it to shift upwards, creating potholes from the bottom up. As the water continues to cause deterioration and weakening, you are eventually left with extensive damage and a hazardous situation.

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If anyone suffers an accident due to damaged areas in your parking lot or paved area (ranging from an injury caused by unsure footing to property damage), you run the risk of being responsible if your pavement has hazardous areas. A well-maintained parking lot area or driveway minimizes liability issues.

Causes of Poor Drainage in Your Parking Lot or Driveway

The key to the long life of a paved surface is proper drainage installation. Rain, snow, and our local terrain here in Vancouver make ensuring proper drainage essential. Poor drainage can occur for various reasons, from pipe deterioration, tree roots, and heavy storms, to shifting of the ground due to various natural phenomena.

For new drainage installations, ensure that an adequate slope is incorporated to prevent water pooling on the surface.

For existing paved areas, if you notice any minor damage, make sure a professional handles any crack sealing or seal coating to avoid further compromising the asphalt or concrete surface.

Drainage Installation Service
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We have the right drainage solution for your property and are ready to explain our drainage installation process and why it will be the best. Considering all the factors, including your budget, we can explain the cost and benefits of the drainage installation service. Whether you need stainless steel trench drain, a plastic trench drain, or a concrete trench drain, we offer professional drainage installation and drainage repairs services.

Our team at Burnaby Blacktop knows all about asphalt paving and has been paving for years. Whether you are installing pavement for the first time or your existing asphalt needs a touch-up, Burnaby Blacktop is here for you.

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