Sep 23, 2020

Pavement Makes an Impression

Well maintained pavement is one of those things that most people take for granted until it is in poor condition. When someone looks at your property, their impression of your premises is greatly affected by the condition of your parking lot or driveway.

Potholes, cracks, and chips give a bad impression of your operation. If your pavement is in poor condition, it is also a bit of a hazard and difficult to navigate over in a car or on foot. Paving maintenance is important for extending the life of your pavement. Burnaby Blacktop would like to share five tips to help you maintain your pavement.

Here Are the Essentials Tips for Pavement Health

  1. Regular Cleaning: Your pavement is regularly subjected to a lot of damage-causing stuff. From the elements to oil and constant vehicle activity, it is important to take some time regularly to remove the resulting debris. This debris can be anything from glass, to loose pieces of asphalt. Keeping your pavement cleared of debris will also give you a chance to better assess its condition.
  2. Sealing the Cracks: Cracks are inevitable. Crack sealing can help prevent more serious problems from developing. Cracks tend to grow once they get started, so it is important to repair them earlier rather than later. Water can enter the crack causing damage to the foundation. It is best to get your asphalt company to evaluate the situation and suggest appropriate steps.
  3. Sealants and Coatings: Driveway seal coating, maintained every two to three years, helps prolong the life of your pavement. Without it, moisture, sun exposure, and even automobile traffic age your pavement, if you don’t maintain it properly. Seal coating is especially right for pavement that is already graying, or if cracks are forming, or the surface sand is wearing down. Sealing it can slow down the aging process.
  4. Warranty: Getting a concrete warranty is a wise move, but don’t expect that the warranty covers “crack-free concrete.” Concrete will crack, it will flake and pop due to harsh weather, or it will discolour. Most contractors guarantee their work for one to two years, but you should be sure to read it carefully. There are all kinds of exclusions due to human or non-human occurrences. One really good reason for a concrete warranty is to assure that all work will be completed in a workmanlike manner and according to the highest standard practices. Burnaby Blacktop is an officially bonded construction firm with the Surety Association of Canada.

Burnaby Blacktop is Your Maintenance Partner

The best solution is to place Burnaby Blacktop in the role of responsibility for maintaining your paved areas. Our experts quickly diagnose know how to make your paved areas last as long as possible. They determine what measures are necessary for preventing further damage. They’ll make sure that you have proper drainage, that your potholes are repaired, that your cracks are sealed, that your paved areas are properly coated with a sealant. Count on Burnaby Blacktop to take it from here. Call us for an inspection of your paved area. We want to maintain your paved areas.

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