Mar 01, 2023

Yes, you need a license to operate a dump truck in BC.

The operation of a basic dump truck requires a Class 3 Commercial Driver’s License. New applicants will need to be 18 years or older and must take and successfully complete Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT). This program, which is designed to ensure that commercial vehicle drivers have the skills and knowledge needed to operate heavy vehicles safely, is offered by driving schools that are authorized and regulated by the Insurance Corporation of BC (ICBC).

The MELT course, which typically lasts around four days, introduces the fundamentals of safe driving. It covers topics such as air brakes theory, road safety skills, proper use of trip inspection documents, pre-trip vehicle inspection, cargo securement procedures and applicable federal and provincial regulations pertaining to the operation of commercial motor vehicles. Upon successfully completing the MELT program, newly qualified drivers will be equipped with the right attitude and driving abilities to help them be confident behind the wheel.

Dump Truck Operation is Serious Business

Dump trucks are a common sight at construction locations and all kinds of other job sites. Though the task of getting loaded up with material, transporting it to its destination, dumping the material and then repeating may seem straightforward, there is a whole range of potential risks associated with the operation of this heavy equipment. It is critically important that both operators of the vehicle and anyone else in the vicinity are aware of the many dangers posed by dump trucks and take appropriate precautions to ensure that everyone remains safe.

One important hazard is visibility; dump truck drivers must always maintain an excellent level of awareness so they can be sure not to hit any bystanders or other vehicles onsite. This makes having mirrors, cameras, and sensors essential for these vehicles and having them regularly inspected for faults or damage that could obstruct their view. It’s also important for ground personnel to take extra care when working near dump trucks; these vehicles typically have large blind spots, so it’s vitally important that people pay attention to where they are relative to any moving machinery.

Another risk associated with using dump trucks concerns proper load capacity management; overloading a truck can cause it to become unstable and dangerous while driving or operating it in certain environments, like on sloped terrain or bridges. Operators should use load scales during loading operations and have regular checks on their brakes and tires to prevent potential issues concerning overloads. Also, operators need to make sure they know the limits of their vehicle in terms of turning radius, acceleration/deceleration rates and rate-of-climb to better control their vehicle during operation.

Burnaby Blacktop Offers Dump Trucks for Hire

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Burnaby Blacktop owns and maintains a fleet of dump trucks that can be hired by companies or individuals for their construction, landscaping or other projects. For more information, please read our Dump Truck Hauling service page. Burnaby Blacktop is a highly respected asphalt and concrete company in Metro Vancouver that has been providing superior services to its clients for many years. Our specialized team of professionals has experience tackling countless municipal, residential, and commercial projects throughout the Lower Mainland area.

Our commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of our work, from our prompt and professional drivers to how we interact with customers and partners.

Our trucks are clean and maintained in good condition by doing daily checks and pre and post-trip inspections. Need a dump truck? Call the professionals at Burnaby Blacktop and help keep BC’s road safe!

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If you are a Class 3 Licensed driver and want to work with BC’s top paving company, contact Burnaby Blacktop. The quality of our company is reflected in our equipment and in those operating it. If you are looking to work for the industry’s top team, give us a call!

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