Feb 15, 2022

Have you ever defied gravity? If you’ve ever slipped and fallen while trying to walk on an icy sidewalk, you know what that feels like. There aren’t many ways to fall faster than gravity, but that certainly is one of them. Maybe a skateboard or roller skates slipping out from underneath you might be the only other way, but that’s about it. Wow. It’s quite a shock.

Typically when we embark on our little hike to the store. we tell ourselves the same thing, “Well, it’s not safe to drive, so I’ll walk. I’ll just go slow and be really careful.” The ice doesn’t care. If this is a new experience for you, well, this will be a good time to find out what not to do.

The importance of Salting Sidewalks & Walkways

As a property or business owner, you actually have a responsibility to take measures that show that you took responsible actions for those using your property, especially if you end up having to defend yourself against liability. A layer of salt on your sidewalk, for instance, is one of those actions. If you lay down the salt before the storm hits, even better.

Salting your property is just a good idea. It communicates to others that you care about the safety of your family, your customers, and your staff. It’s just a good idea all the way around. They will notice. They may even thank you for it. Also, you might want to remind them that it is still treacherous to walk in, even with the snow removed and the surface salted.

How to Walk on Ice?

The only time you’ll ever walk on water is when it is a solid, in this lifetime anyway, and even that is not easy. Walking on ice is also one of the most hazardous things we do in winter conditions. In Canada, it has been one of the most common reasons for hospitalizations during the winter months.

So, what should you think about if you must traverse the ice? Friction is what is missing in this scenario, that is what keeps us sure-footed.

Proper Equipment (footwear)

  • Wear footwear with rubber or neoprene composite souls. This offers the most stability when walking on icy surfaces.
  • Maximize shoe contact surface by avoiding heals.
  • Wear attachable ice cleats. You’ll want to take them off when you enter a building, but on the ice, they dramatically increase safety.

Pay Attention to Where You Are Walking

  • Avoid the ice if possible. Sounds obvious enough, but a smooth flat surface may not be the best path to take. If there is snow on either side, this surface may be more sure-footed. Still, be careful because what you choose to walk on might just be a thin layer of snow over more ice. Also, don’t stray away from the path area. No shortcuts.
  • Anticipate the conditions ahead of you. Think about where you’re headed and what might happen if you go there.
  • Avoid distractions like using your phone to talk or text.
  • Heavy or awkward bags or packages can also hinder your ability to keep your balance.

Avoid Added Hazards

Stairs, ramps, steep driveways, or roads, when covered in ice can prove disastrous.

Building entrances are also hazardous. You’ve almost made it in when you encounter one of the most slippery places of all. This is where ice is likely to accumulate.

Stepping out of your vehicle onto an unknown surface condition is also risky. Check out the surface before you commit to walking away from your vehicle and hold onto the vehicle for support as you exit.

Hire Snow Removal Services

Parking lot snow removal is always a good idea. In fact, snow removal and salting services can keep your parking lot, sidewalks, and entranceways safe and clear of snow and ice even in the worst winter weather. There is no need to fear what mother nature throws your way when you have a reliable and professional team on the job.

It is best to have a trained team of experts handle it. They’ll stay on top of an evolving condition and send equipment and crew to remove the snow and ice and lay down the salt, before it builds up, causing you problems.

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