Jun 15, 2021

Every paving project is different and may require a different type of technique, applications, and asphalt mix. With over ten years of experience in the asphalt paving business, Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. has seen it all. You can trust that Burnaby Blacktop will provide the best recommendation for your specific needs and work with you hand in hand from beginning to end. To enlighten you, we have listed the five common types of asphalt paving materials that we use:

5 types of Asphalt:

1. Porous Asphalt

Porous asphalt has been used in municipal and industrial parking lots for nearly 50 years. The open space within porous asphalt is upwards of 8x greater than conventional asphalt. As its name suggests, porous asphalt paving allows for water to drain through the pavement. Porous asphalt services are cost-effective and can last for decades.

2. Hot Asphalt

Commonly used by construction teams, you will find hot asphalt in municipal or highway settings. Hot asphalt is great for paving and asphalt repair, and it provides a permanent solution to any issues with your pavement. It is easiest to work with when hot, so professionals need to work quickly to complete a job well.

3. Quiet Pavement

If the priority is to reduce driving noise, then quiet pavement is a great option. This is especially welcome in residential areas. Quiet pavement is generally comprised of stone-matrix asphalt or an open-grade course mix – both of which reduce overall traffic noise.

4. Warm-Mix Asphalt

Warm-mix asphalt is similar to hot asphalt though, as you can likely guess, it is much cooler in temperature. This type of asphalt does not require the urgency of hot asphalt for asphalt paving companies. This asphalt type will reduce the overall cost of a project, can lengthen the paving season, and improve overall working conditions.

5. Thin Overlays

Thin overlays are a combination of warm mix asphalt and recycled materials. This type of service makes for a smooth road while also lowering vehicle noise, repair costs, and pavement damage over time. Overlays do not last as long as full pavement projects, but the 10 – 15 year lifespan is well worth the benefits it provides.

Every road, parking lot, and driveway paving project is different. The more you know about asphalt, the better you will be prepared for your specific situation. If considering a paving project for a residential, municipal, commercial, or industrial area let Burnaby Blacktop help you choose the best type of asphalt for your project. Give us a call for a free quote today!  Our expertise in this line of work has resulted in delivering the best asphalt services available in the Lower Mainland. With our hard work, we have become one of the most respected companies in the paving industry.

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