Mar 30, 2021

When it comes to choosing your next paving contractor for your home or business repairs or maintenance you have a lot to consider. Availability, expense, and reputation should all be playing into your decision when it comes to your next paving project. At Burnaby Blacktop, we understand that it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right asphalt contractor for you, especially with the wide range of paving companies in Vancouver. It is also important to recognize that the lowest bid is not always the best choice. There are factors aside from price that you should take into consideration.

While the folks at Burnaby Blacktop are certain that we are one of the best asphalt paving companies in Vancouver, below are some things to consider when shopping for your next paving contractor.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Paving Contractors:

1. The Experience of the Paving Contractor

Arguably the most important thing to consider when choosing an asphalt contractor in Delta or an asphalt contractor in Maple Ridge or any other area in Vancouver is how long the paving company or paving contractor has been in the industry. Experience goes a long way when it comes to working efficiently, delivering a high-quality product, and solving unpredictable problems as they come up. Before signing any paving contractor, it is crucial to measure them against others based on experience.

2. Testimonials

Customer testimonials go hand in hand with asphalt contractor experience. Asphalt paving companies could have decades of experience, but if a significant portion of their reviews and client testimonials are negative then those years don’t matter. When researching for Vancouver paving companies, don’t forget to see what their customers have to say!

3. Equipment Used by the Paving Company

Paving companies need a wide variety of equipment to do their job well. Before choosing an asphalt or concrete contractor try your best to suss out the paving equipment they are using. Do they have all of the necessary equipment? Is it new? Old? Proper functioning equipment pays dividends when it comes to getting jobs done both well and on time.

4. Insurance

It may come as a surprise, but not all driveway paving contractors have adequate insurance to cover their projects. If something were to go wrong while on a project your paving contractor needs to be insured, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

5. Warranty

Coupled with insurance, it is good to make sure your Vancouver area paving company offers a substantial warranty package. Though a new pave job should last you years, the very nature of asphalt work requires upkeep, maintenance, and repairs. Before committing to a contractor, feel out their warranty policy. By doing so, it ensures you will be covered in case something happens.

There is a lot to consider when choosing between asphalt paving companies. To save you some trouble, give Burnaby Blacktop a call today. You will soon discover why we are the most professional, efficient, trustworthy, and affordable asphalt contractor in Burnaby and beyond! Check out our home page and see why Burnaby Blacktop Ltd was voted #1 Asphalt and Concrete Paving Company – Municipal, Commercial, Residential.

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