Oct 07, 2022

When to Pre-book Snow Removal Services?

The earlier you book for our snow removal services, the better as it is best that you are prepared for winter when it hits. If you wait until the first snowfall, you might find yourself facing higher rates, fully booked contractors and having to scramble and disrupt your operation to keep your access clear. It’s better to be proactive!

As you know, winters in British Columbia are quite unpredictable. In the past years, we have experienced heavy snow falls, rain and unexpected drop in temperature. It is necessary that we are on top of things by ensuring that we are ready for whatever it may bring.

There Are Good Reasons for Signing Up Now.

Snow removal companies usually need to see the commercial area to get a sense of what needs to be done and give you an estimate. Before deciding on hiring a snow removal contractor, be sure to check online reviews, customer feedback and terms of service. This will help you determine the level of experience, professionalism, and capability of the company.

Some good reasons for starting early:

1. More Time to Select the Right One:

While it is a wise decision to get quotes from different contractors, the price should not always be the basis of your decision. You also need to consider their abilities, workforce, equipment and expertise in the service they are offering.

By starting the process early you will have time to make an informed decision. With all information in mind, you will be able to determine if they are skilled to handle certain situations that winter can bring. Commercial snow removal companies may provide different service coverage. It is best that you assess before deciding to hire them as your contractor.

2. Ability to Assess the Job Before the Snow Covers It Up:

Make sure your contractor has a clear understanding of the property and what needs to be done. They should conduct a walk-through before submitting your bid. This will help them identify any special requirements. If, however, the property is already covered in snow, it will be a lot more difficult to determine the scope of the work and special situations accurately. Make sure the assessment is conducted before the snow starts to fall.

3. The Sooner You Get into the Cue, the Better:

The contractor needs to be equipped to take on whatever Mother Nature will throw their way. The sooner you book their service, the more assured you are that you will be given priority service. This will also give the contractor time to prepare their equipment and salt supply.

Fortunately, none of this has been an issue for Burnaby Blacktop. We maintain all our own equipment and have our own supply of salt and if there are shortages, we have suppliers in other provinces. Our service is in increasingly high demand. So reserve your spot today before they get full!

Prepare for Winter with Burnaby Blacktop’s Snow Removal & Salting Services

Secure a slot early and be prepared for winter. The more you know, the more you’ll appreciate the experts at Burnaby Blacktop. Our estimates are always detailed and itemized because you should know exactly what you are getting and what to expect. Call us at (778) 855-0513, fill out our online form, or just send us an email. One of our estimators will contact you as soon as possible to schedule a onsite visit to address your needs.

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