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At Burnaby Blacktop we understand how having great looking asphalt and concrete work around your commercial enterprise makes a difference. If you are looking for commercial paving services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Langley, Coquitlam or other areas in Lower Mainland British Columbia give us a call. We have a great reputation with customers and industry colleagues alike because we care about every job, and act as if every project we are working on is for ourselvesem

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Municipal paving needs are unique. Sometimes it's a large project that will go out to tender after months of planning and review, and sometimes a small lake has appeared in the middle of a municipal parking lot and you are going to need a fast response to get things up and working quickly. The life of a municipal manager can be a bit hectic and we recognize that. You can count on Burnaby Blacktop to be able to respond quickly and to always bring industry recognized professionalism and expertise. Your municipal projects will get the attention they need no matter if they are large or small, planned for or "dang, not now, please not now!" events, Burnaby Blacktop will help you keep things rolling smoothly.

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Your home says a lot about you, and as with many other things in life, first impressions count. An inviting and attractively paved driveway creates a lasting positive impression about your home, and says a lot about how you maintain it and value it. Beautifully paved Blacktop and clean elegant concrete pathways, steps and curbs welcome visitors and guests, and creates a focal point for passersby. An attractively paved residential driveway not only adds “curb appeal” but it adds real value to your home and is a sound investment.  

Strata Paving Services


Burnaby Blacktops friendly paving professionals are used to working with strata councils and are familiar with the main issues of concern. When it’s time to pave, repair or replace strata parking areas, call us! We can scale to any size of project from a few parking spots in need of repair, to a complete removal and repaving of an older installation, or expansion and creation of a new parking area, loading zone, patio, deck or pathways. We know that your roadways, parking areas and paths appearance is important. Quality paving work helps maximize the value your strata, and enhances the quality of life of your members.