Seal Coating Services in Richmond: Extend the Life of Your Asphalt Pavement

Are you looking for reliable seal coating services for your asphalt pavement in Richmond? Look no further than Burnaby Blacktop, the local expert in seal coating in the Greater Vancouver Area. Our experienced professionals are dedicated to providing high-quality seal coating services that protect your asphalt pavement from harsh weather conditions, UV rays, and everyday wear and tear.


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Why Seal Coating is Essential for Asphalt Pavement in Richmond?

Asphalt pavement is a popular choice for driveways, parking lots, and other surfaces in Richmond. However, it is vulnerable to damage from various sources, such as sunlight, rain, snow, and chemicals. Over time, asphalt pavement can develop cracks, potholes, and other forms of damage that compromise its durability and appearance.

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Seal coating is a cost-effective solution that can extend the life of your asphalt pavement and enhance its performance. Seal coating involves applying a protective layer of sealant to the surface of the pavement, which creates a barrier against the elements and prevents water, oil, and other substances from penetrating the surface. By seal coating your asphalt pavement, you can:

  • Protect it from UV rays, which can cause it to fade and crack over tim
  • Prevent water damage, which can weaken the pavement and lead to potholes and cracks
  • Resist oil and chemical spills, which can cause staining and deterioration of the pavement
  • Enhance the appearance of your pavement, making it look smooth and uniform

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Seal Coating Services Offered in Richmond by Burnaby Blacktop

We offer a comprehensive range of seal coating services that meet the specific needs of our customers in Richmond. Our services include:

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Seal Coating Application

We use high-quality sealants and advanced equipment to apply a thick, even layer of sealant to your asphalt pavement. Our team ensures that the sealant is evenly distributed and covers all the surface area, leaving a smooth and uniform finish.

Crack Sealing

We use specialized techniques to repair cracks in your pavement before applying the sealant. This ensures that the surface is smooth and free from imperfections, which allows the sealant to adhere properly and provide optimal protection.

Striping and Marking

We can also provide striping and marking services to create clear and visible traffic lines, parking stalls, and other markings on your pavement. This enhances the safety and functionality of your pavement, making it easier for drivers and pedestrians to navigate.

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Why Choose Burnaby Blacktop As Your Paving Company in Richmond?

  • Experience: Our team has years of experience in seal coating and other asphalt services, which means we know how to get the job done right.
  • Quality: We use only high-quality materials and equipment to ensure that our work meets the highest standards of quality and durability.
  • Customer Service: We are committed to providing excellent customer service, which means we listen to your needs and concerns and work closely with you to achieve your goals.
  • Competitive Pricing: We offer competitive pricing for all our services, which means you get the best value for your money.


If you need seal coating services for your asphalt pavement in Richmond, we are here to help. Contact us today by submitting a form to schedule a consultation and request a free estimate for your next seal coating project. You can also book an online consultation or give us a call! We look forward to working with you to protect and enhance your pavement.

Our Coverage Area Includes:

We service the Greater Vancouver Area, from Vancouver to Aldergrove. If you need any information or the city is not listed in our locations , please do not hesitate to contact us or to call us. We probably service your area too!

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