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May 01, 2018

You want Business as Usual: Then you need to Take Care of the Potholes

As a savvy business owner, you already know the importance of giving your customers a warm welcome. Your storefront or reception area looks great, you’ve got a compelling product, and clever advertising drives people everywhere to choose your company. But is it such smooth sailing when it comes to the parking lot? It’s a detail that can be overlooked by even the most careful businessperson, but providing customers a safe and attractive place to leave their vehicle is important. In fact, you might say that a parking lot is the welcome mat of your storefront!

An abundance of potholes does tend create the wrong impression (and present a safety hazard), so naturally, you’ll want the quickest and most effective pothole repair methods around.

So, how are potholes repaired? Let’s take a look at some of the most common ways to restore your parking lot to its level best:

 A Quick Pothole solution, The old Throw-and-Roll

Although this method might sound like it’s better suited to the gymnastics studio, it’s a common and temporary solution to pothole problems. All that’s required is asphalt patch materials (consisting of a binder and an aggregate) and a heavy vehicle. That’s it! The asphalt patch materials are placed into the pothole and compacted using a vehicle such as a large truck, or a piece of heavy equipment like a bulldozer. Although this method is quick and easy, it only provides temporary protection. Often, throw-and-roll repairs end up being more costly in the long-term, as a permanent fix will likely be required down the road.

Given its limitations, this method should only be used in urgent situations. Keep in mind this is a valid solution when the pothole poses a safety issue but time or weather does not allow for a more permanent solution, but it is not a technique designed to provide a long-term fix.

A better solution, the Edge Seal Pothole Repair

The edge seal method builds on the throw-and-roll technique, but offers a longer-lasting solution. Once the patching material has been compacted into the pothole, a ribbon of asphaltic tack is placed over the crack between the existing pavement and the patch. This prevents moisture and other debris from entering, ensuring the continued good performance of the parking lot surface. To prevent vehicle tires from tracking the tack, a layer of sand is often placed on top. Not only is this method quick, it can be used to repair a variety of potholes, cracks, and other parking lot defects.

Achieving a Semi-Permanent Pothole Fix

Just like the name suggests, this repair method isn’t permanent, but it’s widely considered to be one of the best. First, water and debris are removed from the pothole. Next, the edges of the pothole are cut away, so that the patching material will be surrounded by sound pavement. Then, the asphaltic patch material is placed and compacted with a vibratory roller or similar tool. Although this method requires some specialized equipment, it allows for better compaction of the asphaltic patching material, providing a quick and long-lasting repair.

An interesting alternative is the Spray-Injection Method

Feeling the squeeze of pothole repairs that require compaction? Using specialized tools and equipment, the spray-injection method of pothole repair offers superior longevity without the need to compact the asphaltic patching material. Similar to the semi-permanent repair, the pothole is first cleansed of debris. Then, a layer of tack is sprayed on the sides and bottom of the pothole, allowing for better adhesion of the patching material. Next, asphalt and aggregate are blown into the pothole, and then it’s finished off with a dry top layer of aggregate material.

Of course, if there are simply too many potholes to be patched, the solution might be total asphalt resurfacing.

Fortunately, Burnaby Blacktop has the expertise, knowledge, and dedication required to turn your company’s parking lot from a potential hazard into a safe and stunning welcome for your customers. Whether you’re interested in repairs or resurfacing, we’re here to help! The road to a better customer experience is smooth, thanks to Burnaby Blacktop. Get in touch with our experts today.


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