Dec 01, 2017

Asphalt, a most versatile material

Asphalt is well-known for being a flexible and versatile paving material. In fact, about 85% of the world’s annual production of asphalt is used to build the safe and attractive roads, paths, and driveways we use every day. But asphalt is capable of doing so much more than providing a smooth, even surface for parking, driving, and walking. The properties that make it popular for paving also make it ideal for use in a variety of other industries. To understand how unique and amazing this material is, we’ll have to look a little further than the ground under our car tires. Here are five other things, in addition to driveways:

It’s not just underfoot, but overhead too!

Right after paving, roofing is the second most common use, taking up 10% of the annual global production of this material. Asphalt shingles are durable, attractive, inexpensive to produce, and most importantly, they’re waterproof! Shingles are made by coating a base material in liquid, and then covering with aggregate material like crushed stone, brick, or ceramic. The aggregate materials give the asphalt shingles their colour, texture, and strength, while the blacktop makes them waterproof. With such a variety of styles available and the inexpensive price tag, it’s no wonder that asphalt shingles are one of North America’s most popular roofing materials.

Coming Down the Pipeline

Asphalt is well-known for its waterproofing properties, so if you’re looking to keep your carbon steel pipes from springing a leak, coating them in asphalt is an effective and inexpensive solution. Carbon steel pipes are suitable for a variety of applications and are widely used to carry water, gas, oil, and other fluids. But bare steel pipes can corrode and rust over time, eventually leading to leaks and other damage. Asphalt coating is the quickest and most cost-effective way to provide a flexible, watertight seal, which ensures the prolonged good performance of carbon steel piping. Go with the flow!

Tennis Anyone?

Not only does asphalt give us a place to park, drive, and walk, it also gives us a place to play! Tennis courts can be found in many parks, building complexes, and other public places. Unlike clay or artificial grass courts, tennis courts are known as “hard courts,” and have a reputation for durability, as well as for being exceptionally easy to maintain. In fact, many tennis courts are touted as virtually maintenance free, making them an attractive choice for outdoor installation. Thanks to its flexible nature, these tennis courts can easily adapt to changing weather conditions, and the colour can be customized to suit any style.

 Stemming the Tide

If there’s one thing asphalt has proven time and time again, it’s that it’s exceptionally good at holding and directing the flow of water. Bitumen has been used throughout history in the construction of waterways, pools, baths, and other waterproof structures. Although there have been stellar advancements in the construction of modern dams and reservoirs, one factor remains the same – the use of asphalt. In fact, you can find asphalt in water reservoirs, dams, and other hydraulic structures all over the world! Thanks to its versatility and dependability, asphalt is instrumental in helping to provide clean, safe drinking water. Definitely some food for thought next time you turn on the tap!

 A Safe Place to Land

When you’re rolling down the runway in a plane, you’re more likely to be thinking of your destination than about what’s under the landing gear. In many airports, big and small, it provides a smooth, safe surface for the perfect landing. Popular choice for airport runways because it’s easy and inexpensive to install, and thanks to its flexible nature, it handles temperature changes well. Unlike concrete, blacktop runways are flexible surfaces, which actually helps to cushion aeroplane tires and reduce wear and tear. From takeoff to touchdown, it helps you get where you need to be!

From the roof over your head, to impressive structures all over the world, this amazing material helps build, bind, and beautify. If you’d like more information on our paving services and repair services, feel free to give us a call at 778-855-0513.

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