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Apr 21, 2020

There always seems to be a constant stream of home improvement projects on the to-do list, and it can be hard to prioritize what is the most important. Oftentimes the big dream projects like a balcony addition or new kitchen have to take the backseat to more functional but perhaps less desirable undertakings. Resurfacing or redoing your driveway may fall into the latter category, but here at Burnaby Blacktop we strive to convince you otherwise. With the right plan, the right team, and the right price our experts will make your residential paving project something to look forward to. Plus, we guarantee the final product will be something you can be proud of. From concrete driveway paving to asphalt driveway paving and all points in between, our experts are here for you. With so many options out there, however, you may be wondering what is the best driveway surface to have in the Greater Vancouver Area. Each has its pluses and minuses, and our professional staff has a plethora of experience with all types of residential paving projects. Read on for more information on some of your options.

Asphalt Driveway Paving

There are many benefits to paving your driveway with asphalt, the most obvious of which is the cost. Asphalt driveways tend to be the most affordable, but that’s not all. Typcially asphalt driveways paving projects are completed and ready to use a day after project completion. Further, when done well, asphalt driveways prove to be durable. Generally speaking, heat poses the greatest threat to asphalt driveways but, in an environment such as that of the Greater Vancouver Area, this is not a major concern. When it comes to maintenance, asphalt typically requires more frequent routine maintenance than other options but the repairs are easy fixes. It is also worth noting that spilled gas can harm the asphalt surface but, again, the needed repairs are rarely anything major. In short, asphalt driveways are a great affordable option that is durable in the longterm but may require more frequent, smaller-scale attention over the course of its twenty-six year lifespan.

Concrete Driveway Paving

Concrete driveway paving is another great option for the Greater Vancouver Area. This option is in the middle of the road as far as cost goes and generally has a longer lifespan than its asphalt cousins. As far as durability is concerned, concrete driveways are more prone to cracking in extreme cold which is a concern worth noting for the colder Vancouver winters. That said, our temperate climate does not typically pose a major threat to this type of paving. While repairs and maintenance are less frequently needed with concrete compared to asphalt, the repairs do tend to be larger and more expensive. Further, white or grey scale concrete tends to stain for often though the stains will wash off or fade over time. Concerning the project itself concrete driveway paving will take slightly longer to complete and, once done, requires at least a week before you can park on it.

While residential paving projects may not be on the top of your home improvement wish list, they are an essential part of owning a home and provide an added level of elegance to your home. Driveways and walkways are part of somebody’s first impression when they see your house, and a professionally done asphalt or concrete driveway will speak loudly about your home. Further, old, uneven, or poorly maintained driveways can pose a safety hazard to those using them, and a newly paved driveway will provide an added element of safety to you and your visitors. Finally, if you are preparing to sell your home, a new driveway will add value to your property. At Burnaby Blacktop we realize our work may not be viewed as glamorous compared to other projects, but we’re here to change your mind. If you are considering a new asphalt or concrete driveway give us a call today. We’re always eager to answer any questions, provide a quote, or take a look at the project you have in mind!

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