Mar 05, 2018

Your Parking lot and Entryways say a lot about your Business

Picture this: you’ve just opened a new business. Perhaps you had the building constructed yourself. It’s perfect, everything is exactly where you imagined it to be, but still, something is missing. It’s time to look outside and really consider the parking lot. You might not consider it to be a factor at all in how your business will grow, but it actually can play quite the role. At Burnaby Blacktop we can help! We’ve compiled a list of ways a good paving contractor can help grow your business so that you can focus on what’s most important to you. Let us take care of the paving while you take care of your customers.

1) Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything, and the parking lot is the first point of contact new customers will have with your business. Curb appeal sets the stage for what the customer can expect once they’re in your store. If the parking lot doesn’t look attractive and inviting, the customer is already apprehensive of what to expect from the rest of their time with you. Having an aesthetically pleasing parking lot creates a warm welcome for potential customers, showing that you care about all aspects of your business, and that you take pride in its appearance. Ultimately, it shows that you are a business that will treat its customers right and deserves their patronage and support. Though it may seem a small matter to you, curb appeal plays a large role when it comes to growing your business.

2) Pot Hole Repair

If you’ve taken over the site of a former business, often times the parking lot is looking a little rough around the edges. Repairing any damage should be a top priority when you first establish your business. You want to send the right message across to potential clients, and that starts the moment they pull into the parking lot. A parking lot riddled with potholes gives the message that you don’t care and lack professionalism. While it’s true that they may not overtly be judging your business entirely on the parking lot, it’s present in their subconscious, and they’ll make negative associations with your company in the future. If you’re a retail business in particular, a parking lot that is mostly potholes will discourage customers from your business and right into the stores of competitors.

3) Parking Lot Restriping

Consider the lines currently on the asphalt in the parking lot. Can you see them? Are they faded and unclear? Not only do faded parking lines cause confusion, they can also lead to an inefficient use of the space. Without lines to clearly show customers where to park, they may park wherever they like, leaving more space between vehicles and stationary objects, and creating less space for more customers to park or in general causing some confusion that could lead to an accident if customers don’t know where the lanes are from where parking stalls are. Larger lots with clearly defined parking stalls subtly enforce basic driving rules. Drivers are less concerned about driving haphazardly in a lot with undefined lines and often will cut across the lot in an unsafe manner. Fresh lines cause drivers to be more careful. The psychological effect allows the lines to dictate where is okay to drive, and restricts the movement of traffic in and out of your lot.

4) Add New Spaces

When creating or redoing the parking lot outside of your business, it is in your best interest to have an expert appraise the lot to really maximize the use of the space. An expert can determine if there is a more efficient way to arrange parking spaces to maximize the amount of spaces you have, leading to more space for customers, and more business for you. If space can’t be made, take a careful look at your property boundaries and the appropriate zoning codes to see if there’s room to expand from the current parking lot. A paving company can then come in and expand the lot for you. The benefits for this are obvious, more spaces for customers brings more traffic and revenue into your business.

5) Repaving

Often times a small business with start out with a parking lot that is gravel, dirt, or even grass. If your business is newly constructed, it may even still look like a construction site. As mentioned above, curb appeal is everything. Before opening your business you should ensure that the parking lot is at the very least clear of building debris. Ideally—as we suggest—your parking lot should be paved. Nothing says new and draws curiosity to a new business like fresh, dark asphalt and freshly painted lines. Asphalt will draw more guests and impress more clients. It shows them that you care about your appearance and that the products or services you sell are worth their investment in. Asphalt is very durable and will stay in great shape for many years if you stay on top of the basic repairs and maintenance. It’s a worthwhile investment when it comes to the larger picture of growing your business and being successful.

No matter what your business goals may be, using the services of a good paving contractor can help grow your business from the first day of opening. When you’re looking for a professional and reliable paving contractor to help with your parking lot, come see us at Burnaby Blacktop. We are always happy to come by and make an assessment of your current parking lot, give you a quote, and of course, create a great new parking lot for your growing business.




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