Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. will not be held responsible for damages caused by bad or soft base installed by other contractors or any workmanship or materials that have been provided by another supplier.

We will not cover damages caused by vegetation growth, acts of nature such as severe weather conditions or seismic activity that resulted in cracks, breakage, settling, heaving or unraveling.

Burnaby Blacktop Ltd will not accept liability where our products have been used for any inappropriate purpose and any customer-driven damages such as cracks or breaks incurred due to overloading or driving on or near the unsupported edges, tire marks, scratches or unsightly marks caused by sharp objects or overloading, stains caused by oil or gas leakage, damages done due to the use of snow blowers, chemicals, shovels, heavy traffic, and snowplows.

We will not accept liability for water ponding or retention unless specified in the contract and will not be held responsible for cracking or premature deterioration when overlaying deteriorated asphalt or concrete.

Burnaby Blacktop Ltd will not take responsibility for any damage to concrete, paver bricks, garage floors, treated or stained concrete, sidewalks, existing asphalt, or siding. Damage caused by equipment crossing, rolling, driving, or normal installation is not covered although we make every effort to be as careful as possible.

For more information about warranty coverage, call Burnaby Blacktop Ltd. at 778-855-0513 or email us at [email protected]